The blockchain technology has sparked a revolution of its own through its introduction of decentralization to formerly centralized sectors. More and more developers are integrating the blockchain technology in their operations to provide transparency, credibility, and immutability of records. The blockchain technology is disrupting the economic sphere one industry at a time, and the latest company on board this revolution is Coin Advisor.

What Is CoinAdvisor?

Coin Advisor is an e-commerce platform built on the blockchain technology that provides a one-stop shop for traditional brokers, crypto brokers and the entire crypto community at large with the aim of offering a decentralized solution to the distribution of skills and the hedge fund technology. The global exchange market trades about $5 trillion dollars daily with cryptocurrency trade responsible for about 1.2% of the daily turn over with about $65 billion dollars. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency market itself is a rapidly growing one. In 2009, Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency in the market, however as of January of 2018, barely 10 years after the introduction of the first coin, there are reportedly over 1,500 coins currently circulating the fintech market.

Subsequently, more cryptocurrency exchanges had to be created to meet up with the ever-increasing number of tokens continuously introduced into the market via the seemingly endless ICO activities for the cryptocurrency. However, even the 8,000 active cryptocurrency exchanges fall short of the market requirements with exchanges offering an average of 12 tradable pairs. Essentially, access to a wider market spectrum is complex and the variations in exchange rates across the exchanges owing to the volatility of cryptocurrency is another major problem. The top priority of Coin Advisor is to create a single unified interface for all sorts of cryptocurrency trading.

CoinAdvisor Multi-Broker Trading Platform Benefits

Some of the unique benefits this platform will influence are;

Integration of a multi-account management panel for brokers across cryptocurrency exchanges with a unique control panel and arbitrage solution.

Inclusiveness of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning solution across all financial institutions.

Provision of an open and distributed community where private developers can share and rent out tools and strategies to other developers while making money off it.

CoinAdvisor CADV Token ICO Details

CADV is ERC-20 compliant Ethereum-based utility token unique to the Coin Advisor platform. The CADV token will power the entire Coin Advisor platform and all its present and future implementations. CADV holders will be granted full and preferential access to all the services, products and promotions available on the platform at a discounted price. The tokens will be distributed by the Switzerland based company Coin Advisor Sagl.

Coin Advisor is affecting an ICO of CADV Tokens with the aim of expanding the platform's reach to attract more participants and investors with the potential endorsement of the trading platform in those areas. A total of 25 million CADV were issued by the team in readiness for the ICO, the distribution pattern is as follows;

  • Airdrop (0.50%) – 125,000 CADV
  • ICO (72%) – 18 million CADV
  • Funders and team (18.5%) – 4.625 million CADV
  • Advisory (5%) – 1.250 million CADV
  • Operating reserve (4%) – 1 million CADV

The ICO will be conducted 3 phases; the airdrop, the pre-ICI and the main crowd safe. The airdrop is essentially the free distribution of coins to the public by a company preparing to launch an ICO. For this airdrop, all a participant is required to is visit the website and sign up for the airdrop with their email address. Registered users will receive 1 CADV each in their Ethereum wallet which they will provide via a verification e-mail. The airdrop was opened on the 19th of February 2018 and will run through until the 27 of May 2018 or whenever the 125k CADV allocated to the stage is exhausted.

The pre-ICO is scheduled to start on the 6th of April and will last for a period of 21 days until the 27th of April 2018. The pre ICO itself will be held in 3 stages based on the bonus allocation system. Stage 1 will run from the 6th to the 13th with a 100% bonus at 2000 CADV for 1 ETH. This stage has a 600K token limit and a hard cap of 300 ETH. The second stage starts on the 13th to end on the 20th with a 75% bonus at 1750 CADV for 1 ETH. Stage 2 a 500 ETH hard cap with a maximum of 875K tokens. The final stage will run from the 20th till the last day of the pre-ICO, the 27th. A 50% bonus on the token is allocated here at the rate of 1500 CADV to 1 ETH. Hard cap for this stage is fixed at 800 ETH at a 1.2 million token limit.

The main crowdsale will start once the pre-ICO is concluded, on the 27th of April 2018. For the first 28 days, until May 25th, a 33% bonus offer applies to all investors at 1330 CADV to 1 ETH. From the 25th of May till the end of the ICO on June 24th, investors will be offered a 25% bonus on all token purchases at a rate of 1250 CADV per 1 ETH. All unsold tokens after the ICO will be burned by the system. The funds realized from the ICO will be shared thus;

  • Product Development – 35%
  • Marketing – 25%
  • Operations & Maintenance – 20%
  • Bonus – 10%
  • Legal/Regulations – 5%
  • Reserve – 5%

CADV tokens are projected to be tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges about 3 weeks after the conclusion of the ICO.

CoinAdvisor Conclusion

Coin Advisor trading platform is the brainchild of Filippo La Ganga and Alessandro del Gallo and is supported by a team of experts with extensive experience in communications and marketing, software and machine learning engineering, Artificial Intelligence solutions, compliance, and legal framework etc. Coin Advisor is using the disruptive technology of the blockchain to offer opportunities, strategies, and tools to meet the needs of users in the crypto community. Visit the Coin Advisor website for more information on the platform, the whitepaper and their upcoming ICO.


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