What Is COINALL Cryptocurrency Exchange?

CoinAll is an exchange that is owned by Hong Kong-based digital asset trading platform OKEx. OKEx is one of the largest exchanges in the world handling over $1 billion worth of daily trades. The exchange provides fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto, and derivatives trading services to its global customers. The platform recently announced the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange creation program named the Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program.

The new program is part of OKEx expansion plan where the OK partners will gain access to the firms advanced counter system, advanced order matching system, clearing system, cold and hot wallet technology, global know your customer and anti-laundering measures and multilingual customer support. The OK partners will also get support in research and development and system maintenance from OKEx.

While announcing the first batch of OK partners during the Nexus Conference, the firm also unveiled their new exchange brand CoinAll. The new exchange brand is set to be the epitome of OK Partner exchanges. CoinAll hopes to leverage transaction mining and transaction fee rebates. It will also have full autonomy from OKEx in token listings.

CoinAll will issue 10 billion platform tokens, which will be integrated into the OKB ecosystem. The OKB holders will have an opportunity to purchase 500 million of the 10 billion tokens while 4.6 million tokens will be assigned for transaction mining and 4.9 billion will be locked up in reserve.

COINALL Digital Asset Trading Platform Benefits

The exchange offers the opportunity for classic traders to trade over one hundred types of popular and emerging tokens. The exchange provides the below benefits to traders:

  • Traders can trade between tokens using the intuitive user interface. This interface allows the traders to trade between the different tokens in a convenient manner.
  • The exchange has listed more than a hundred tokens. These include popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin among others and also the emerging coins.
  • The exchange is secure, maintaining high security for user’s funds and information. The exchange has an advanced cold wallet that keeps the trader’s assets safe.
  • The exchange runs 24 hours 7 days a week. Traders can trade at their own convenient time since the exchange is very reliable.

COINALL Features

CoinAll offers the below features to its traders:

Advanced Matching System

CoinAll is based on a reliable and advanced matching engine that allows for fast and reliable trading. The exchange further uses a technology that allows for real-time clearing and fast uptime for a smooth trading experience.

Banking Grade Wallet

This multi-currency wallet supports all major digital coins and comes with a bank-grade security and encryption. Users can use it to send or receive major cryptocurrencies while enjoying bank-grade security.

Reliable Settlement System

The exchange has a fraudless payment processing system that keeps traders funds from hacks. The exchange offers a fast and reliable settlement system to users all over the world.

Global Customer Support

CoinAll customer support is available 24/7. Traders can seek help using the chat option provided, via email, or even through the phone. The support services are prompt in answering all the customer queries.

Shared Liquidity

Shared liquidity safeguards the trader’s funds from price spillage. Traders who use CoinAll exchange to trade will enjoy fair prices as their investment grows.

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