The crypto market has grown into a lucrative investment sector in the past few years. More people are investing in crypto and reaping the benefits. However, the current market situation is still not developed fully. It is still subject to major problems such as volatility and the lack of liquidity.

The CoinAnalyst Solution

Besides high volatility and lack of liquidity, there is still a lack of information by most crypto traders. The market can be quite profitable. However, it can be a loss-making venture due to lack of information. This has led to many people falling for scams and losing a lot of money.

CoinAnalyst, developed by Cogia GmbH, which was created by a major Data analysis platform, will utilize AI to change this situation. With AI, the platform will analyze data in the crypto markets and present it in a manner, which users can understand.

Understanding CoinAnalyst

CoinAnalyst is simply a platform that will offer automated searches and analysis of data in the crypto markets. With this data, traders will not need to do manual searches to evaluate a coin before they invest in it. The app will give traders data on risks, opinions, and opportunities that are related to coins, clients, other traders and the behavior. With good data, it will help to cut down the level of risk that comes with such an investment.

How CoinAnalyst Cryptocurrency Trading AI Software App Works

CoinAnalyst will gather all information relating to crypto coins from all possible sources. It will utilize a monitoring system dubbed Web Observer, which will be operated by Cogia GmbH. There are blogs and forums in the system on coins and even posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.

The information will then be published on the platform. The articles and posts will be stored in the index for future reference. There is a metasearch system that utilizes keywords to link with leading search engines like Bing and Google.

The user will open an account and mark the coins they like and pay a subscription fee. When he or she does so, they will receive messages on trends around the coin via email or Telegram. The platform will also offer training to newbies. Mobile apps will also be offered as web apps and on Android and iPhones. The platform is powered by COY tokens. The entry fee to join this platform is set at 100 EUR a month, which can be paid in the COY tokens. Besides that, users may pay 100 EUR a month to access advanced trading.

CoinAnalyst Features

One of the features is streamlined video and audio files, which may be converted into text to make it easy to understand the content. Another noteworthy feature is that the system is multilingual. Most of the common languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian will be utilized.

CoinAnalyst COY Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: COY
  • Date: July 7, 2018 – October 31, 2018
  • Price: 1 COY = 0.01 EUR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Hard Cap: 20,000,000 EUR
  • Minimum investment: 2,000 COY

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