A general rule for the majority of people looking to invest their earnings is to put money in quality, high-dividend stocks and other low-risk assets, perhaps an index fund and forget about the whole thing for a few years.

But in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, these rules don’t apply. There are no low-risk assets as prices swing up and down in double-digit percentages on a weekly basis. Something that is valuable now can be trash in a week and trash can become valuable assets in no time.

This is the reason for portfolio-tracking apps is the lifeline for a crypto-investor.

About Coinance

Coinance is a cryptocurrency tracking App that helps you to follow your favorite cryptocurrencies and news related to it.

An important inspiration for the cofounders to venture into this space was their competitors and market leaders coinmarketcap.com. The co-founders were dumbfounded when they realized that the 185th most visited page globally is a simple website which sorts all coins by market capitalization with current prices developments. However, Coinance’s better user interface and attractive design give it an advantage over coinmarketcap.com.

The co-founders trust blockchain technology and believe that it is far more than a “speculative bubble” that the mainstream media wants you to believe. They are building the app in iterations through a customer-driven approach. So, What they build is exactly what the customers want.

Coinance Features

Mobile app for Coinance is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Crypto Charts:

You can see detailed charts from over 500 cryptocurrencies in an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly time frame. Highs and lows will also be captured to have all important data points on one screen.

Connect your exchanges:

You can connect your favorite exchanges via API and you will never have to track manually your transactions. All the exchange wallets within one App. Wallets and holdings can also be added manually.

Crypto Insider news tracker:

In a different tab are all important news from major websites displayed. Additionally, you will receive firsthand information from important cryptocurrency influences and stock exchange news.

Crypto Price Alerts:

Users get to set a price alert to get a push notification as soon as the price is reached. Never miss any important moves of your favorite coins as you can have multiple alerting data points. Setting alert is just a one-click process.

Portfolio View:

You can view your entire portfolio on one screen. Users get to track their favorite coins and mark them with a “heart” so they will be displayed in a separate tab as “Favorites” in a less congested overview.

Coinance Conclusion

If you have been looking for a chart that combines Price alerts with informative graphs, Coinance is the product that you are looking for. Their Android and iOS applications are available for download on their respective stores, however, it must be noted that the present product is far from the final product intended.

You can read more about Coinance on their site http://www.coinanceapp.com/ .


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