Coinastrix, found online at, promises to help you “empower your destiny” by making easy money through a bitcoin pyramid scheme. Here’s our review.

What is Coinastrix?

Coinastrix promises to double your money every 50 days through some type of investment scheme, pyramid scheme, or high yield investment program (HYIP). The company doesn’t seem to sell any products or services: all income appears to come from membership fees.

Coinastrix recently started marketing itself to the crypto community, particularly Mexican bitcoin users. The company claims to have some type of bitcoin mining system in place. They also only work with bitcoin: so all of your investments will be processed and handled in bitcoin.

How Does Coinastrix Make Money?

There’s no legitimate legal investment in the world today that can reliably double your money every 50 to 90 days. So how does Coinastrix make so much money? What kind of secret formula has the company stumbled upon to generate such high investment returns?

Unfortunately, Coinastrix doesn’t explain how it makes money. The company also doesn’t provide any proof of its earnings. There’s no evidence that anyone has been able to withdraw money from the platform, or that anyone has been paid anywhere close to the advertised returns.

Coinastrix vaguely mentions two sources of money:

  • Mining pools in Asia and Europe
  • A team of investment analysts manage money to earn returns of 100% every 50 days

Obviously, the best hedge funds in the world can’t offer returns of 100% every 50 days – and those hedge funds are run by the best analysts in the world. Returns like that are impossible to guarantee in any investment market – even cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, Coinastrix claims that it has a “team of highly qualified investment analysts” who have a long track record of “wealth and value generation.” The company refuses to explain what it invests in or how these investors generate these returns.

How Does Coinastrix Really Work?

We can find no evidence that Coinastrix has any mining systems in place. There’s also no evidence that Coinastrix has any mining team or mining system. So how does this company really work?

Coinastrix appears to work like any ordinary high yield investment program (HYIP) or pyramid scheme. The scheme attracts gullible investors with promises of huge returns and easy money. Investors deposit money, then receive earnings on the principal. The returns of older investors are paid by the deposits of nw investors, and the entire scheme inevitably collapses when it can’t attract enough new members.

Based on everything we can find on the official website, Coinastrix has no legitimate business model: the company is an investment scheme doomed to collapse in the near future.

Coinastrix Investment Packages

Coinastrix calls its membership fees “investment packages”. The company has several investment packages available. The more money you give the company today, the faster you’ll earn.

Investment packages range from 0.003 BTC for the “Nano” package to 10 BTC for the “9” package. With all plans, you double your money every 50 to 90 days. Coinastrix will also pay you 25% per month binary income. On the highest plan, the company will pay you a maximum of 20 BTC per day or 600 BTC per month.

Who’s Behind Coinastrix?

Coinastrix appears to be run by a Mexico-based team called CMVV Ventures. That company lists an address at Calle 7, No. 174B, Locales E y F, Vasco de Quiroga. That address is either in Santiago de Queretaro or Mexico City (two locations are listed).

The company refuses to disclose any information about who’s running the company, why they’re qualified to handle your investments, and why you should trust them.

When a company asks you to send money online, but refuses to disclose any information about themselves or their qualifications, it’s a sign you’re probably being scammed – especially when that same company is claiming to double your money every 2 months.

Coinastrix Conclusion

Coinastrix is an obvious bitcoin-based investment scam. The company promises ridiculously high returns, claiming to double your money every 50 days. It also claims to have a fully automated trading system that magically generates enormous profits, as well as some type of crypto mining system.

In reality, Coinastrix doesn’t seem to have any of these things. There’s no proof of any earnings, and there’s nothing to suggest that Coinastrix is a legitimate business.

For all of these reasons, you should avoid Coinastrix.

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