Coinbase Announces Earning Opportunity Via Invitation To “Coinbase Earn BAT”

Coinbase is a platform that constantly innovates in the cryptocurrency space. Catering to their users, the company frequently announces opportunities that are only accessible within their community, like a new program called Coinbase Earn. In this opportunity, invited users have the chance to learn about the Basic Attention Token (BAT), while earning tokens.

Invitees use a link provided in their email to access the Earn Bat page, viewing educational lessons in return for the promise of $10 worth of BAT. The BAT asset is meant to help with the advertising industry, offering itself as a reward to be shared between publishers, advertisers, and users of the Ethereum blockchain. The awarded BAT is eligible for advertising and other services on both the Brave browser and the BAT platform itself. Participants also can earn BAT with the use of the Brave browser, which Coinbase’s hopes will “encourage people to explore and use utility tokens first-hand in their native environments, like the Brave browser.”

One of the major roadblocks to adoption for any token in the industry is the lack of knowledge that non-crypto holders have. Coinbase focuses on educating users on awareness and expenditure of utility tokens, which only takes a few minutes to get started.

Coinbase commented, “We think learning about crypto and earning crypto is a great way to get people to evaluate and use more utility tokens without having to buy them outright.”

The platform continued, adding,

“We expect earning to become an increasingly important function in the crypto ecosystem– alongside buying and mining– especially when paired with education. We hear from people that they’re always looking for trusted sources to educate themselves about new developments in crypto, and we want to help serve that need.”

Right now, it appears as though not all users have been invited to the opportunity. However, these users still have free access to the Coinbase Earn BAT page, and they can enter their information to join the waitlist for a place in the program.

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