Coinbase Commerce Releases New WooCommerce Crypto Plugin Feature for Efficient Payments

Coinbase Commerce Announces New WooCommerce Plugin for Efficient Payments

Coinbase Commerce was created with the intentions of supporting non-custodial crypto payment solutions for e-commerce, that is, allowing merchants to accept crypto payments from its clients. Of the list of features that Coinbase was hard at work for, the team has recently revealed a new plugin dubbed WooCommerce.

The recognized e-commerce platform, WooCommerce will now bridge together merchants and crypto payments. According to Coinbase’s report, WooCommerce is a popular one, as it supports nearly:

“28% of all online stores – and all of them have access to cryptocurrency payments from customers around the world.”

The intentions behind Coinbase’s integration of WooCommerce are to increase user adoption on a global scale while opening up the endless possibilities within the finance sector. The plugin has also supposedly been available on Github since its announcement.

As for its uses, Coinbase has facilitated the sending and receiving of Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] via Coinbase Commerce, with its current development phase in making such support feasible for the likes of Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

The team has also shared that Coinbase Commerce is fully peer-to-peer, ensuring that the only players involved are merchants and customers. In addition, merchants will not be required to pay transaction fees to accept payments, which is definitely a growing problem with traditional systems like PayPal (with varying fees based on geographical region and amount).

This news comes right after Coinbase’s recent announcement that it will now support all UK customers by allowing crypto purchases with the traditional, British pound (GBP). Do you think Coinbase’s integration of WooCommerce is a great way to lift the crypto sphere?

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