Coinbase Opens Portland Office To Improve Customer Service Complaints

After a long bombardment of hard hitting insults from critics, due to being completely under-prepared in terms of customer service. Coinbase is set now to open an office in Portland Oregon. The new office is said to be centered around customer support, finance, IT, compliance, and HR.

Coinbase, is the giant of the industry when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. Recently, they’ve been scrutinized with heavy criticism, and recently, as far as customer service goes, they’ve repeatedly failed every time across the board.

Out of the users on the exchange, there was a total of 134 pages worth of complaints with the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), working with a wide range of outlying issues. Stemming in from the fact that Coinbase was simply not ready for the expedient growth they went through. Complaints ran their full course – from funds disappearing along the way with the new people who couldn’t take out any money – and as usual, the customer support was slower than a snail.

One of the spokesperson for Coinbase only gave less than questionable explanations, vague and associating the current company issues with its fast rate of growth.

“In 2017, the cryptocurrency space experienced a profound uptick in mainstream awareness and growth. […]  As part of that, consumer demand for our services increased by 40x and we experienced transaction volumes in November and December of that year that grew by 295 percent.”

At the same time, the exchange also identified the main reasons for so must frustration, it kept moving out in expansion regardless of what was happening. Other than the widespread frustration, the company also has made recent announcements on a new Japanese office being ready for opening. Not to mention there is a suite of major products that need to be used organize various institutional investments, this is even though certain steps were taken to become a completely Sec-Regulated Broker Dealer.

As far as the criticism goes, there have been some signs of relief that have emerged, as the San Francisco cryptocurrency company exchange made new announcements for its plan to open a brand-new office in Portland later this year in fall:

Coinbase made a recent statement on a Tweet. The Tweet read,

“Talent is everywhere: we’re opening our newest office in Portland this fall. After exploring a variety of cities in the U.S., we were inspired by Portland’s innovative open-source and blockchain communities.”

The announcement by Coinbase was placed on the company blog where they wrote about the new Portland office that will soon be opening in Oregon. As far as I can tell, Coinbase is taking notes, while the new office is looking completely towards customer service.

The official announcement reads:

“Our new Portland office will host a variety of business-related functions. We’re hiring right now for roles focused on customer support, finance, compliance, IT and HR, and we expect to add up to 100 new jobs to the local economy this year alone.”

Coinbase goes on to give explanation about why the decision was made. Apparently, careful evaluations where made in several different United States Cities. Portland was therefore chosen – and for other reasons not disclosed – but it’s suspected while at the same time very likely, it has something to do with the high number of blockchain specialists in the communities of the city.

What do you think? Is Coinbase’s new office being built going to solve any exchange issues related to customer support? Let us know below, we appreciate all of your comments.

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