Coinbase Phishing Scam

It has been reported by ETHNews that they have received a phishing scam email claiming to originate from Coinbase. The email stated that an unknown device had tried to access the platform’s Coinbase account.

The problem here is that no such Coinbase accounts is associated with the ETHNews email address. Furthermore, [email protected] is not a official Coinbase address.

Inspection of the domain revealed that (Warning: definitely a scam!) is in fact set up to look precisely like the market's actual website, It might appear the sender is trying to lure unwary users that get the alert to the scam site that's masquerading as Coinbase and pry open their otherwise secure accounts.

Users are warned to not click on any links or respond to any alerts supplied by [email protected], as they likely link into a scam site. It's also suggested that consumers check their bookmarks to make sure that they go to the appropriate sites, or manually type in addresses when logging in to exchanges as well as other sites where security should be the number one concern.

We are currently monitoring this situation and will post more details as they become available.

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