Today, Toshi announced that a user can use Ethereum test network, as well as add any ERC20 tokens that they own on Toshi.

Toshi now supports Kovan, Rinkeby, and Ropsten test networks within their main client. They have usually maintained a separate developer client that works on Ropsten but have received consistent feedback that developers find it more convenient to access testnet on the primary Toshi client. The current release enables them to depreciate the Toshi developer client. A user can simply switch to a testnet by going to Settings > Advanced > Active Network and selecting your preferred testnet.

Toshi already automatically shows popular ERC20 tokens on Toshi wallet. The latest release now lets you add custom ERC20 tokens that are not even currently in their database. All a user has to do is simply paste in the token’s contract address or scan a QR code.

Just last month Toshi had announced to expand beyond Ethereum and ERC20/721 to accommodate more cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

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