Coin Base Service is a holding company in the Crypto Coin sector and its main activity is the investment in electronic currencies, business processes, research and development of electronic currencies and extraction strategies for its launch and participation in the evolution of the Cryptocurrency Industry.

Coin Base Service Description

CoinBaseService claims to offer fixed deposit provisions which make them less risky compared to other high risk HYIPS (High-Yield Investment Program). Their platform is simple. Not much information is found on their site and they don't have a social networking presence.

CoinBaseService is SSL licensed, it's offered by COMODO CA LIMITED, which may be noticed from the visible green bar on the top left of the browser when visiting their website.

Coin Base Service Investment Levels

CoinBase Service has 3 investment plans that you can choose from:

    • Daily Profit: 12% – Deposit Term: 12 Days. Min. Deposit: 5$
    • Daily Profit: 18% – Deposit Term: 10 Days. Min. Deposit: 500$
    • Daily Profit: 25% – Deposit Term: 8 Days. Min. Deposit: 1000$

Is Investing With Coin Base Service Guaranteed?

Like other high-yield investment programs, Coin Base offers a potentially risky opportunity for their investors. Although the high daily returns may seem appealing, the nature of HYIPs run on a high risk, high reward model. Many people have lost their Bitcoins through investing with the wrong kind of company, as can be seen from the complaints that can be read online.

For these reasons, it’s impossible to say for certain that one will get a positive return by investing with the Coin Base Service, or any return whatsoever. In the past, people have lost their principal investment and more by putting money into these sorts of schemes, so extreme caution is advised.

Coin Base Service Summary

The Coin Base Service offers high daily rates and returns for those who are brave enough to trust them with their Bitcoins. If one does decide to go ahead with Coin Base, a prudent course of action would be the following:

  • Only invest as much as one is willing to lose.
  • Get in and cash out early.
  • Read through the impartial reviews that can be found about Coin Base carefully, and then decide what to do.

Investors can read more about Coin Base on the company’s homepage.


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