The last few months have been quite active in the world of crypto. Hundreds of ICOs have been launched, thousands of new coins created and much more. Today, the industry is worth over $4000 billion. However, unlike the fiat world, there are no dedicated news channels, which spend the whole day discussing crypto.

If you are lucky, you will get a thirty-minute segment on one of the big news channels. It is quite obvious that mainstream finance still does not consider crypto important enough to give their time and attention. So what can be done about it? Already, there are online resources that are working tirelessly to create a single source of news where anyone can come to learn about crypto.

What Makes CoinBuzz.Stream Different?

Modern social networks are quite messy. As a crypto enthusiast, you want to keep up with everything going on in the world of crypto and beyond. It would just be impossible to navigate through all the sites to get what you want. One workaround is to have multiple social media profiles. However, that will still be quite complex.

Already there exist crypto news aggregating sites today. However, most of these miss an important point, the tools that unite these streams of data covert the data into just simple text. This is quite boring, and you might end up missing some important details. For instance, most of these aggregators do not have images, fonts, or GIFs.

The Other reason why CoinBuzz stands out is how responsive it is. Most other aggregators are usually slow and dull-looking. However, you can see that by visiting the site, a lot of effort has been put in place to ensure everything a crypto enthusiast needs is accessible with ease.

How Coinbuzz.Stream Active Cryptocurrency News Aggregator Works

To ensure that it functions properly, the site has utilized various APIs from GitHub and CoinmarketCap. These APIs have ensured that the site will always have the latest news from all the major coins traded today.

Its Twitter feed is quite informative; it draws information from all the major twitter handles in the world of crypto into one place. As of writing this review, this was the only site out there, which presents tweets from the world of crypto in this manner. They have not been reduced to their basic text but instead, come with all accompanying images. This way, you do not have to create a new twitter profile just to keep up with news in the world of crypto. Not only is it hard to keep up with all the twitter handles, but you also may not even know which ones they are.

Coinbuzz.Stream Needs Your Help

One way this site could be making money is by running ads. However, that would interfere with the experience of its visitors. Instead, it runs on donations. To continue offering high-quality news to all its followers, it asks for a small donation of any amount. This model thus far has proven successful. It shows that people really do gain value from visiting the site.

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