If you have a sinking feeling about a company, it’s likely that something isn’t right. Especially if you are a cryptocurrency investor. There are many scammers online targeting virtual currency investors claiming to “help you grow your money online”. They package themselves as trusted companies yet they aim to fleece you off your coins. One such company is Coincontract Limited.

A quick Google search yields a number of previous searches of people who were trying to find out the company address and whether the company is a scam or not. Red flag number one! But let’s not make that conclusion just yet.

What Is Coincontract?

A visit to the company’s website flashes a message about growing your coins at the rate of 10% -15% daily if you invest. You are required to deposit your bitcoins with them and you will earn a profit overnight!

Never mind that the company does not clearly brief you as an investor on their development goals or the investment vehicles they are going to use. If you are a keen cryptocurrency investor then you’d immediately know that everything about this company screams Ponzi scheme!

CoinContract Red Flags

The company boasts of a team of “skilled traders” to help you make quick money overnight. You’d expect that the company would show the faces behind the success to build your trust and confidence. Instead the only person you can relate to the company after a winding search is the director. In short the team of “skilled traders” is anonymous.

The certificate of incorporation of the company is readily available on the site but that should not impair your judgement. Ask yourself how sustainable the company’s business model is.

Finally, the company issues a referral link on registration from which you will earn “handsome commissions” with every referral to the site – typical of Ponzi scams!

CoinContract Daily Bitcoin Profit Opportunity Conclusion

Don’t be swindled of your hard earned money. Looking to legitimately invest money online? Coincontract Limited is a no-no!

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