What Is CoinCrowd?

CoinCrowd is a new cryptocurrency which promises to “bring people together”. By using a blockchain-based ecosystem, this company offers a platform that can act as a storage for coins, a cryptocurrency exchange and, if you are interested in this feature, even as a protocol for DAICO token sales. This company was created by Giulio Di Sano (CEO) and Gabriele Marazzi (CTO).

CoinCrowd Wallet

One of the main features offered by CoinCrowd is the CoinCrowd wallet. This tool allows its users to store Ethereum and ERC20-based tokens and to trade them and use them to send money. It supports multiple accounts and it has mechanisms made to prevent failing transactions, which is great news because it saves you from losing money. This wallet also automatically detects any ERC20 token.

By using biometric ID and user pin access, this wallet can be a good choice for people concerned with security.

CoinCrowd Exchange

If you are interested in investing by using arbitrage or similar processes, then you might be interested in the CoinCrowd Exchange platform. This platform is integrated with the wallet, which means that you do not need to deposit tokens to exchange them. You can buy Ethereum and ERC20 tokens in this platform by using your own tokens or fiat currency.

You can even finalize Know Your Customer processes without even having to leave the app. The user gets more control by using this app because of its decentralization and features like private keys ownership and improved security.

CoinCrowd DAICO Platform

If you are a developer, then you might be interested in the DAICO platform, which works as an accelerator for the platform and it gives ETH to the developers when they reach specific targets on the roadmap of the company. This helps the project to remain decentralized and to have the community at its core always because the community will drive the project and not the other way around.

The projects will be monitored by an artificial intelligence algorithm and a blockchain-based polling system will be used to vote on the main finalists. The voters will be able to vote by using airdrops and the projects will only be backed if they reach their soft goal of the ETH goes back to the owner.

This tool can be used for small devs who want to create exciting new projects but are not willing to use a public ICO and want to use a smaller platform like the CoinCrowd DAICO. The process will be managed via smart contracts and AI and milestones will be set to ensure that the developers will work, so the investors are protected.

CoinCrowd XCC ICO Details

While the company did not state a date for the sale of tokens, it has stated that 50% of the total tokens will be sold in the upcoming ICO. Token holders will be able to vote on projects in the DAICO platform and they will receive airdrops. Also, a commission of 0.2% is charged every time that an exchange is made using these tokens.

CoinCrowd Verdict

While the wallet and exchange of CoinCrowd are really pretty standard, the DAICO platform is something else. The platform is quite interesting and may attract the attention of developers seeking funding. In any case, it is still too early to tell if CoinCrowd will be a great investment or not because the company has not released enough information yet.

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