What Is CoinDCA?

CoinDCA is a cryptocurrency dollar-cost averaging platform that enables users to set up their own recurring buys using the Dollar-cost-average technique. The investment technique can be defined as purchasing a fixed dollar amount of a particular cryptocurrency on a regular basis, regardless of the market cryptocurrency prices. It also involves purchasing of a high number of cryptocurrencies when the prices are lower and purchasing a lower number when the prices are higher.

The platform aims at financially empowering everyone by exposing them to the world of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it seeks to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies by enabling traders, especially those buying small amounts of Bitcoin, to buy more and at zero charges.

How CoinDCA Automated Bitcoin Buying System Works

The platform has a simplified algorithm that enables users to create a purchase plan with a specified dollar value. The system will then automatically place daily orders that enable the traders to gain continuous exposure while helping them eliminate the need to incur additional frequent transaction fees.

The system, on behalf of the user, puts in place one limit order daily for each of the user’s buy plans. In cases where orders are not filled in an hour, the system automatically cancels the order and places a new order.

The system has a minimum order limit of $10. However, if a user’s order is below this limit, the system has been designed in a way that batches up the orders. For example, if one user wants to purchase cryptocurrencies worth one dollar daily, the system can place $10 order every 10 days. This therefore means that traders will no longer have the problem of price drops days after their monthly purchases.

Set Up A Deposit Plan

To begin trading on the platform, users need to set up a deposit plan that ensures the exchange account is always loaded in order to prevent the canceling of orders. This is important because a dollar balance is required in the exchange account for the system to submit the orders. Users can recharge or load up their deposit plans once a month. The purchased coins are credited into a Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange wallet and not the usual Coinbase wallet.

CoinDCA Advantages

Fast And Comprehensive

Once a user has provided their API credentials and has set up their recurring buys, the platform automatically purchases the Bitcoin on their behalf by submitting the buys each day according to the specifications of the user.

Fully Customizable

Through the control panel, users can customize the buys to suit their needs by pausing or adjusting the recurring buys.

Zero Transaction Fees

The platform eliminates the need for users to pay fees for their deposits each month. Instead, it lets them make smaller deposits at not costs daily.


CoinDCA guarantees security for its users by using established digital exchanges as well as running the platform on Google cloud when submitting orders on behalf of the users.

Viable Investment Opportunity

The platform enables users to make investments in leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, using a fixed amount of money regularly from the comfort of their homes since the platform will make recurring buys on behalf of the users.

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