CoinDesk has been around for quite some time, and they always have up-to-date information about the progress in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. They are also behind the conference Consensus, which is bigger than any conference in the world. However, to reach more consumers and expand the knowledge of these topics, the company wants to build up their media business through the use of documentaries, television shows, and podcasts.

The new media unit with CoinDesk is being called CoinDesk Productions, and it was created in the early summer. The main role of this unit is to develop and produce the documentaries and television shows that will teach the public about blockchain and crypto on a level that is less overwhelming. To direct this new venture, CoinDesk hired Dan Treinish, who previously worked as an executive for Bloomberg Media. The goal is that Treinish will help them sell their media to networks and other platforms.

The first project that CoinDesk Productions plans to setup is a series that is six episodes long, and it will show users how the technology involved in blockchain is adaptable around the world.

CEO Kevin Worth too the time to offer a statement about this series, saying,

“CoinDesk is committed to a multi-medium approach to inform, illustrate, and make real the sometimes hyper-technical world that the industry resides in. This six-part series will accomplish just that and will offer an inside look into the future of blockchain. As the leading media company for the industry, we want to bring something new to the table for our core audience and provide an on-ramp for those both inside and outside the industry to join the conversation on how this technology is revolutionizing our world across all verticals beyond finance — including energy, real estate, healthcare, agriculture, and more.”

As for the podcast, CoinDesk’s news show will soon be launching as a weekly program on Twitter. This live news show is meant to provide the latest coverage on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Though no guests have been announced quite yet, the news conglomerate plans to have appearances from leaders and innovators of blockchain. The head of video at CoinDesk, Evan Angel, believes that the use of the livestream will help the company be more “creative” in their approach. He also said,

“We have the opportunity to deliver stories that have yet to be told in this industry in a new capacity. I’m excited to invite industry leaders, developers, and regulatory experts to our studios to speak with us and provide their insight to our global audience each week.”

Along with the addition of Treinish, this plan includes the addition of David Bickford, who previously worked as the ad director for Bloomberg. However, with CoinDesk Productions, his role is to support client partnerships globally, and basically bringing in new guests for all of their different media properties. Worth noted,

“I’m thrilled to have Dan and David’s expertise on our team. Their experience and strategic insights will be invaluable to CoinDesk as we expand our global presence.”

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