High Yield Investment Programs or HYIPs deliver daily, and even hourly, returns on cryptocurrency investments, and therefore are considered effective platforms to gain fast returns. As attractive as they seem, some of them can prove to be risky investments. We encourage potential cryptocurrency investors to proceed with caution when dealing with new HYIPs. Coine.Zone is a new HYIP, and let’s take a look at it in more detail.

We haven’t yet been able to fully ascertain the payment status of Coine.Zone. Since payment status is the only factor that matters when making a decision to invest, we advise our readers to hear more on the payment status of Coine.Zone. Please consider looking into other investment programs that we have already analyzed on our blog.

About Coine.Zone

We don’t yet have concrete information on the payment status of Coine . We will only be able to offer reliable advice after analyzing all other HYIPs on our list. Our blog, however, is constantly being updated on other new and promising HYIPs.

Is Coine.Zone Risky?

Some HYIPs are riskier than others, but every HYIP comes with some possibility of risk. Therefore, it is wise to not make an investment without reliable knowledge on the payment status of that HYIP. Also, it is a good idea to refrain from making subsequent investments for a little while after your first investment/withdrawal. To be certain about the payment status of Coine Zone, please visit different HYIP monitors regularly.

Investment Plans

Coine Zone offers the following four investment plans:

  • 12% Daily for 12 Days
  • 157% After 12 Days

According to the example on their site, if you deposit 1 BTC during the first twelve days you will earn .44 BTC for a total of 1.44 BTC.

Coine.Zone Conclusion

There are lucrative investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market via HYIPs, but we can not vouch for Coine.Zone at this point. We advise you be careful, and encourage you to find out about the site’s payment status from several different HYIP monitors. We hope that you will find genuine HYIPs to invest your cryptocurrency.

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  1. I don’t know about the legitimacy of this site quite yet. I was able to withdraw my interest on the 2nd day but it seems to be stuck in limbo. When I look at the withdrawl transaction, my original deposit is being shown, minus the miner fee. The first “input” shows the withdraw at 0.0026 BTC, which is what I deposited two days ago. Then on the outputs, it shows what I did withdraw (.00624), and on the other output, it’s showing the amount I deposited, minus the miner fee….all on my withdraw. I don’t get it, so I think it is a scam but I’m damn glad I didn’t put too much into it. I’ll see if I can withdraw any more BTC in the coming days as I still have 10 days left. But so far Coinbase is showing my withdraw as “pending” and it’s been that way for a while now. Here is the block/transaction or whatever the heck it is so you can see for yourself…

    My deposit:

    My withdraw:

    Something fishy is going on here!!

  2. Looks like they stopped paying. I just made a withdrawal and now i get a message saying that it will take 24 hours to withdraw. Before it went through right away. I have been in other programs that did the samething and then they just disappeared. So I wouldn’t invest anything with them.


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