Using a cryptocurrency portfolio can be a good idea to keep an eye on your assets. The difficult part might be to find the right option. Will Coinero be the one for you?

What Is Coinero?

Coinero is a fairly new cryptocurrency portfolio that you can access for free. It was created in 2018, so it is still pretty new (but not in Alpha or Beta phase, mind you, this is a complete cryptocurrency portfolio).

How Coinero Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking App Works?

This portfolio management software can be accessed via the internet (it is browser-only) and it shows how much cryptocurrency you have in your wallet. You can connect to it and also see how much all this cryptocurrency is worth. This is a very basic software, but it is also free, so it can definitely be an interesting asset if you are still only starting out.

Unfortunately, Coinero does not have an option to see any type of asset that is not a cryptocurrency at the moment, so if you have to use another program to manage your traditional assets, if you have any.

What Do You Need To Use Coinero?

You only need a valid email and cryptocurrencies in your wallet. As soon as you make an account and confirm that you are a real person, you will be able to use this portfolio. Fortunately or unfortunately, Coinero doesn’t seem to have any special options that you can pay for, so you can use it completely for free but you will have to use only its basic features.

Also, be warned that you can only use the platform if you are registered. If you are not, you will not even be able to see the layout or the options of the site.

Coinero Verdict

Coinero is a good option if you are starting out. If you already are a cryptocurrency investor with more experience, then you might want to find a more complex and complete experience while using a portfolio. Coinero is not really bad nor it does not work well, but it is just not revolutionary or even the best portfolio management software in the market.

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