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In order to keep up with the crypto demand that exists in the market today, many new online exchanges are coming up on a near day to day basis. While some of them may be quick cash grabs schemes, quite a few of them seem to be legitimate. In order to ensure that we are not putting our money into an unsafe environment, users should do a quick background of the service that they are about to employ.

What Is CoinEx?

CoinEx is being described as a “Global Digital Coin Exchange” which will allow users to trade with a wide array of cryptocurrencies. The algorithms used to create this platform make use of advanced SSL technology, and owing to the fact that this exchange is based on the blockchain, users can be confident that all of their assets will be handled in a transparent fashion. Some of the other key aspects of CoinEx include:

Good Matching Capability:

In order to deliver the best deals to its users, CoinEx makes use of programming codes that ensure fast and efficient price matching on various digital assets. As a result of this, we not only save on added costs, but also get valuable assets at the lowest price possible.

100% Reserve Based:

In this mode of operation, a bank/exchange basically keeps the “full amount of each depositor's funds”. As a result of this, all withdrawals can be made on demand instantly, depending upon the user's choice.


As mentioned earlier, CoinEx makes use of something known as “Full Dimension Protection”. This basically means that it uses various security protocols that protect each and every aspect of this platform, including individual transactions as well as payments and transfers.

Other Details To Consider

Easy To Use:

Uunlike other online exchanges that can be quite difficult to operate, CoinEx is pretty straightforward, and can be used by novices and advanced users alike.


One of the most defining aspects of this platform is its ability to process ‘Over The Counter’ transactions. This basically means that customers are no longer confined to using online banking, but cryptocurrencies to make their trades.

Good Margins:

In order to promote crypto investments, CoinEx will offer its customers with good profit margins so as to help propagate the use of currencies such as ETH, BTC all over the globe.

Futures Contracts:

A futures exchange is one that allows people to make trades via the use of ‘standardized futures contracts’. This contract in its essence, is one which allows us to buy “specific quantities of a commodity or financial instrument at a specified price”. However, the delivery of the asset is done at a later stage.

How To Join CoinEx

While CoinEx has still not gone live with its trading activities, interested users can sign up for the company’s official newsletter by visiting their web page, and filling out the required form. Alternatively, in order to resolve any queries or doubts one may have, users can get in touch with company personnel via the official CoinEx FB or Twitter account.

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  1. Two weeks and no responce from Coinex. I will find editors to start writing about this lake of support. Other exchanged respond right away. You say 24-48 hours and I have been waiting 330 hours. You may think I will just for get this but I will not, Time to start making reviews and emailing crytpo editors. ALl you have to do is send an email stating you have seen my ticket and will be working on it, Right now it looks like you are stealing money.


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