Canada’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange, CoinField, has announced the launch of its commission-free trading app, moonGo.

CoinField also announced that it is now extending its services worldwide thanks to a new partnership with Malta’s Manticore Ventures that backs moonGo, a powerful app designed for traders who thrive on agility, flexibility and security.

The app offers commission-free buy/sell transactions for popular cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Select ERC20 coins & non-ERC20.

The CoinField Vision

CoinField CEO Babak Bob Ras said the company's vision is to bring the cryptocurrency to people’s lives in the most convenient and simple way, and make it available to well-qualified traders in most countries worldwide.

While users benefit from commission-free trading, they can also convert their assets to fiat at anytime and spend it anywhere in the world through moonGO cards. Everyone deserves to have access to blockchain technology. There are many people who want to be part of this revolution, but until now it was not easy for them to enter, Babak added.

The Power Of moonGO

With moonGO, users can set up their trading accounts in about 60 seconds, withdraw fiat currency as Euro or US dollars in the form of moonGO cards, and use the moonGO cards to make purchases online or at any retailer that accepts credit cards. The moonGO app will take CoinField’s sterling reputation outside of Canada and make its services available to every country in the world except the US and the nations on the US/UN sanction list (Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, Burma, Côte d'Ivoire).

But moonGO goes beyond the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It allows users to withdraw their funds in Euros or US dollars using moonGO virtual cards. These cards can be added to their Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay accounts. Users can also withdraw their digital assets to their wallets outside the platform at any time.

Just as impressive is the app’s reduction of the verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) process from 4-6 weeks to mere seconds thanks to CoinField’s multi-algorithm solution. While the approval time may have dropped, the commitment to our Anti-money Laundering policy is as vigilant as ever.  moonGO employs a very strict AML/KYC policy to fight money laundering activities.

Company executives toe a strong line on corruption in cryptocurrency, stating that any and all attempts to hurt its traders and tarnish the perception of the revolutionary blockchain technology will be met with the full force of its cutting-edge security infrastructure.

moonGO will enforce that statement by actively and voluntarily filing reports with regulatory and enforcement agencies that ensure a safe, legal, and secure trading experience for all users.

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