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High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) are very risky but potentially highly rewarding programs that are ideal for people who have high risk appetites. Legitimate HYIPs can be a dependable source of daily income. Let us look into Coinfinex, one of the many companies claiming to be a legitimate HYIP in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

About Coinfinex

On its homepage, Coinfinex unequivocally calls on everyone to register on its site to get a guaranteed passive guaranteed income. The “invest with confidence” company promises a number of direct benefits for its investors including easy money that earns as much as 2.5 per cent per hour from the deposits, fast deposit and withdrawal of different payment systems, and a highly rewarding referral income that will go a long way to boost your income. On its homepage, however, Coinfinex does not explain exactly how they turn an investment into massive profits.

Coinfinex Crypto Trading Plans doesn't show their direct plans but in the past this is what a site similiar to it had offered just so you have an idea of how it works. They usually will offer three to four different investment plans for its clients, each with its upper and lower deposit limits, terms and rate of profits, and number of charges.

Here is what to look for and details to pay attention to (something like this):

  • Beginner Plan 1: Invest 5.00 to 250.00 BTC for two days and earn 108%
  • Standard Plan 2: Invest 50.00 to 500.00 BTC for two days and earn 112%
  • Professional Plan 3: Invest 100.00 to 1000.00 BTC for two days and earn 116%

Does Coinfinex Pay?

Based on reviewer posts on the internet, Coinfinex is a suspicious company that may not deliver on the promises it proclaims on its site. Numerous investors are crying foul on scam report sites claiming this company never paid them their returns on investments nor returned their deposits.


Like many HYIP companies out there, Coinfinex could very likely be a scam. If you are considering investing in a High Yield Investment Program, Coinfinex should not be your favorite potential company to invest in.

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  1. Coinfinex is a scam. They will persistently calling you and luring you to invest. Once they got your money, they will push you to invest some more. When you request for withdrawal, they would promise to return your withdrawal only if you invest 10x more. I invested USD2000 and never got my money back. Three agents introduced themselves as William Sands, Adam Feldman and Vincent Woods. I am not even quite sure if they are even giving their real names. Be careful not to fall prey into their modus operandi.

  2. Coinfinex, is a decent company.

    All these people i see with same word copy-paste style throughout different review websites , I personally dealt and still dealing with them, the only downside, is the time for withdraw that it takes 3 days to process, other than that nothing failed in my opinion and experience with them

  3. The highest mistake any one can make is to invest in Coinfinex once you register they will call you till your betray runs down but after you deposit no one will call you again be warned its a pure scam I am a victim and won’t let you be to they go as far as telling you stories when you ask them about all the comments you most have come across all just for you to deposit on there web there wrote 7 days for withdrawal but trust me you cam never ever get back your own money you deposited trade on trusted sites and be warned

  4. Lair am sure you most be Vicente wood you are nothing but a devil in an animal form idiot the way you steal people hard earned money your generation will never know good in their lives you will a very shameful death stupid fool


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