Altcoins seem to be the talk of the town now. However, is there a way to be a part of this historic moment in history? Do you have a great idea? Have you seen the enormous power of crowdfunding through Cryptocurrency ICOs and thought about making your own coin? Maybe you lack the knowhow to do it on your own.

Well could be the team to help you. Coinformer can create everything you need for an ICO ready ERC20 Altcoin. From a great website to featuring on an exchange, they have you covered.

About Coinformer

  • Coinformer provides a package deal to get your Altcoin up and running. What does this entail?
  • Fantastic website – They will provide a great landing page for your altcoin. This will be the first port of call for any Altcoin investors so you need to make a good impression
  • Coin creation – They provide an ERC20 compliant Ethereum token that will be live on the blockchain
  • Social media account creation – Twitter and Subreddit accounts will be on your website so you can communicate with your new investors4. Exchange listing – Your shiny new altcoin will be available on the Etherdelta exchange

Who Should Use Coinformer?

If you are ready to launch an ICO in the near future then Coinformer is a partner you cannot afford to miss. They offer a team with proven experience in creating altcoins. If you want to be on an exchange right from the start, then Coinformer can do that. If you are struggling to form a strong web presence, then let them help by creating your social media accounts.

What Is An ICO Ready Coin?

An ICO ready Altcoin means that you have included all the features necessary to handle an ICO. This means you will have:

  • A website to promote your coin and vision for the future
  • Social media pages to communicate with your new found investors
  • A dependable and functioning walletfree from glitches and bugs
  • Access to an exchange—Coinformer even includes a free exchange listing with every order. Give your future users a coin with strong credibility and an easy way to buy your new Altcoin.

If you still need help with your ICO when your Altcoin is up and running, Coinformer offers an eBook guide that shows systematically the details of running an ICO. This eBook is packed with actionable content to help in the early stages of establishment. This includes what to put on your website in order to receive investment during the contribution stage.

Besides, it shows you the best places to advertise for greatest returns for your dollars. You will also learn how to post an exchange listing on over a dozen high-quality exchanges. This guide is not currently for sale anywhere. The only way to obtain this sought-after eBook guide is to place an order with They make regular updates to the guide so that it stays current and fresh.


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