coinhouse is an online service where you can buy BTC or ETH with a credit card. Find out if it’s a legitimate service today in our review.

What Is is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell bitcoin or Ether using a credit card.

The website does not appear to be affiliated with is a France-based cryptocurrency marketplace founded in 2015 in affiliated with the Trezor hardware wallet team. That exchange is listed on CoinMarketCap and is backed by reviews across the internet., on the other hand, appears to be a new service – although like, it will bill your credit card in EUR. And, to make things even more confusing, is also based in Paris. It was created by a company called La Maison Du Bitcoin, founded in 2014 as a cryptocurrency exchange.

Let’s take a closer look at how works and why you might choose them over other online bitcoin marketplaces.

How Does Work?

Coinhouse lets you register online, then buy BTC and ETH. You’ll need to complete KYC/AML verification and confirm your identity. You pay a fee. Your credit card gets bill in EUR. It’s that simple. You can also buy your bitcoin by completing a bank transfer. Coinhouse emphasizes the following core functions:

  • Instant: Your BTC or ETH Will be delivered immediately after your payment is received.
  • Compliant: You need to validate your ID to make a purchase.
  • Transparent: Coinhouse sells its BTC and ETH at the current market price in EUR, then adds its fee. All fees are disclosed upfront, and Coinhouse emphasizes transparency.
  • Reputable: Coinhouse is based in Paris, France and is a product of La Maison du Bitcoin.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: accepts VISA and MasterCard. Your card must have 3D Secure (3DS) activated. 3DS is a technology that protects your payment against chargebacks. It’s a payment that cannot be reversed, which protects the merchant if you try to do something shady. To authorize a 3DS payment, your bank might ask you to use a special password or receive an SMS for verification. Fees charges the following fees:

Buy: 4.9%

Sell: 3.9%

Their exchange rates are listed on As mentioned above, the company maintains the market rate in EUR, then adds its commission (either 4.9% or 3.9%). Purchase Limits

You cannot use without first verifying your identity and providing documents for KYC/AML verification.

After your profile is verified, you’ll be instantly able to buy or sell 200 EUR of BTC or ETH per day. That number can rise as high as 500 EUR if you complete the entire verification process and provide more documents.

Who’s Behind was founded by La Maison du Bitcoin, a Paris, France-based company founded in 2014. The company maintains an office in downtown Paris. They hold hackathons, bitcoin meetups, and a bitcoin exchange service at that office. They have also previously mined cryptocurrencies from that address – although they do it for demonstration purposes and not to raise funds.

La Maison du Bitcoin – which translates to “The House of Bitcoin” – was founded by entrepreneurs and bitcoin enthusiasts Thomas France (co-founder) and Eric Larchevêque (CEO and co-founder). Prior to launching the company, the pair had created the comparison shopping app Prixing.

Coinhouse Conclusion is an online service where you can buy and sell bitcoin or Ether. The online service is run by a Paris, France-based company, although it does not appear to be affiliated with the better-known platform. Prior to launching, the company was known for operating a physical bitcoin exchange in the city center of Paris.

The main advantage of is the ability to pay by credit card or bank transfer while enjoying relatively low fees of 4% (when selling) or 5% (when buying).

To learn more about the platform or to buy cryptocurrency today, visit online at

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