High yield investment programs are a popular but risky method of generating income from the highly profitable cryptocurrency market. Also referred to as “HYIPs”, these platforms typically offer investors the opportunity to deposit capital into a fund that is used by a team of investors in aggressive or speculative endeavors.

HYIPs aren’t unique to the cryptocurrency market- they’ve existed in traditional markets for some time, and are known to be a highly risky investment option. HYIPs have developed a reputation for disappearing with investor money, as once funds are deposited with one, they can be difficult to withdraw.

Investing with a HYIP works like this: investors deposit funds into an account, which generates ROI on a daily basis. When investors are ready to pull out, they submit a withdraw request. With less reputable HYIPs, this withdrawal request is often paid for with the funds deposited by newer investors. This functions in a manner identical to a Ponzi scheme, and ultimately results in the collapse of the platform and the loss of all investor funds.

There are, however, reputable HYIPs that do pay out on a regular basis and function for a long time. As a general rule, it’s best to get in early and get out fast with HYIPs. Cryptocurrency based HYIPs have even less oversight than traditional HYIPs, and thus a significant amount of caution should be exercised when investing in them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Coinifica, a relatively new addition to the roster of crypto HYIPs. We’ll assess the Coinifica investment plans and help you make an informed decision on whether Coinifica is trustworthy or not.

What Is Coinifica?

Coinifica is a privately held crypto trading and asset management company, and offers investors the opportunity to deposit funds into a managed investment account. Importantly, Coinifica is a registered company incorporated in the UK, and provides investors with a company number that can be independently verified.

Coinifica Investment Plans

Instead of offering a range of complex or confusing investment plans, Coinifica offers a fixed daily rate of 3% over a period of 50 calendar days. The minimum deposit for Coinifica is only $10, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $1.

Coinifica calculates profit on a weekly basis, and maintains a reserve fund that ensures the even distribution of cash flow. Overall, Coinifica is a surprisingly trustworthy platform that doesn’t attempt to confuse or mislead investors,

Coinifica Verdict

Coinifica provides investors with a range of convincing details and is a simple, understandable approach to high yield investment programs. If you’re interested in investing in a HYIP, Coinifica is definitely worth consideration.

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