Have you always dreamed of the ending of the bank fees that you have to you? The start of the blockchain technology was a great step towards this direction, but things are getting even better. Today we are going to review a company called Coinjolt, which charges no fees at all for the transactions made on its platform.

What is CoinJolt?

CoinJolt is a new cryptocurrency exchange which has appeared on the market a long time ago. In fact, Coinjolt beginning goes back to 2011, making this one of the oldest companies in the market. It was founded by a group of people who invested in Bitcoin since 2009 and blockchain developers.

One of the things that the company do is to manage portfolios for people. It guarantees a return on investment of at least 200% per year, which is lower than many companies are offering but far more realistic and less risky. By investing in many different assets and utilizing the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Coinjolt is able to get a good return on investment.

This company is specialized in trading when the volatility of the market is big, so the returns can get pretty good for its investors. Also, one of the advantages of the managed portfolio is that the losses are covered by the capital reserves of Coinjolt, so they take all the risks and offer you only the gains. The company takes all the risks because the returns have been amazing in the last few years.

The company is proud to present a secure platform which has never been hacked or lost money to any kind of scam. If you invest in Coinjolt, you can be sure that you are making an investment that will protect your money.

How Does Coinjolt Work?

Not only Coinjolt manages your assets, but you can use it as a cryptocurrency exchange which has zero fees. The company is always doing everything in its power to make sure that the users buy and sell their cryptocurrency at the highest and lowest prices. By using this company you will have access to data about the market and some of the best offers that you can find.

The platform has an interface which is very simple to navigate and tries to transform trading into a seamless process. Coinjolt has advanced reports on your balance and your transaction history and a strong security against DDoS attacks and encryption against data robbery. If you want a platform which is easy to use and safe, Coinjolt can offer the best of both worlds.

Coinjolt has a global coverage, enabling you to use it in almost any country around the globe and a high liquidity, so you will not have to wait to sell your assets if you intend to do it.

How to Invest in Coinjolt?

To invest in this company, all that you have to do is to register on the platform. You will have to use your personal information, obviously, as this is a very big company, but you will not have many troubles beyond that. The creation of your profile is very simple and as soon as you do it, you are good to go.

You will be able to deposit your money by using different means (wire transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and then get your money back with a return on investment some time later.

The CoinJolt Verdict

Is CoinJolt a good platform for an investor like you? Yes, it can definitely be. Whether you use it for the managed portfolio or as a cryptocurrency exchange, this platform can be very interesting for you and offer you very interesting results. In fact, investing in the managed portfolio is a good idea because you will not find companies with more experience than Coinjolt to do that.

While there are many managed portfolios on the market, Coinjolt has people who invest in Bitcoin since 2009 in the company, which can be great for you. These investors really know what they are doing and can offer a very interesting return on investment if you decide to use the services of this company.

The choice is yours, but if you are interested in zero fees and in using a managed portfolio, then you can be sure that Coinjolt can definitely be a great option for you to start investing today. This company has all the features that you need to make it a great investment.


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