Although it is still nascent, the blockchain revolution has had a significant impact on the investment sphere. This is particularly the case regarding cryptocurrencies, which are proliferating at an incredible rate. As a result, investors have a hard time tracking the performance of these several altcoins. Luckily, internet has multiple solutions to this conundrum, one of which is Coin Kapp.

What Is CoinKapp?

Coin Kapp is an archetypal cryptocurrency listing tracker. Essentially, it keeps tabs of the performance of various digital currencies in the market, evaluating aspects such as the current value as well as the market capitalization. Furthermore, this website ranks the top 100 virtual currencies according to the situational market capitalization.

CoinKapp Cryptocurrency Price Tracker & Rankings Features

Currency Definition

Besides the price and market capitalization, this platform provides an overview of each particular virtual currency listed on the sight. Typically, this brief overview highlights the use for which the cryptocurrency is intended. Moreover, it also outlines the most significant advantages as well as disadvantages of the virtual currency in question.

Cryptocurrency News

In addition to a brief and concise coin guide, Coin Kapp provides the latest news concerning digital currencies. Usually, this news are sourced from authority sites or written by respected crypto journalists. Also, the site also provides links to YouTube videos concerning the digital currencies.

Performance History

Alongside the profile of each listed virtual coin, users can access a graphic representation of the coin’s performance in the recent past. This tool is useful in predicting the future trends regarding the price of the cryptocurrency.

Animated GIFs

Every coin listed on Coin Kapp comes with a unique thumbnail which transforms into an animated GIF immediately a pointer hovers over it.

CoinKapp Advantages

  • Ranking of digital currencies – cryptocurrencies are listed in order, according to their respective market capitalization value at the time. Additionally, the coins can also be sorted historically i.e. according to their age.
  • Performance history – using the availed graphs, investors can formulate investment strategies based on the previous values of a particular cryptocurrency. The price charts go back to a maximum of a whole year.
  • Latest news – users get the latest opinion on a specific cryptocurrency from a broader perspective.
  • Simplistic UI – Coin Kapp keeps it simple, making it easy even for novices to access the data or information they are looking for.
  • 24-hour change – this highlights the performances of a coin within the last day (24 hours).

CoinKapp Disadvantages

Limited Coins –

Since the currencies are ranked according to market capitalization and the list is capped at 100, users cannot access the performance stats of upcoming altcoins whose numbers are yet to shoot up.

Detached Interface –

While Coin Kapp provides simple and accurate data, the site does not have sufficient interactivity features. As a result, users may dislike the experience while navigating through the website.

Irresponsive Web UI –

A blemish to the otherwise perfect website is the irresponsiveness to mobile devices. This makes it significantly harder to rad the site on smaller screens, as the pages are rendered in a format ideal for desktop use.

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