The online job market was one of the first and most important developments to arise out of the digital revolution. Online employment services have grown from simple job boards to comprehensive online working environments such as Slack, as well as international freelancing platforms that provide location independent contractors to work with any company around the world, in any industry.

The current state of the online freelancing environment, however, can be extremely frustrating. Online job markets and freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer are plagued by issues such as excessive fees, unexplained suspensions, prolonged disputes that are never resolved, and inefficient escrow methods.

Blockchain technology presents online freelancers and job seekers with a groundbreaking new way to access and conduct work. A new ICO built on top of the Ethereum network aims to provide freelancers and online professionals with a new decentralized job market. Coinlancer is one of the most exciting new applications of blockchain technology in the employment sector, and promises to deliver better engagement, performance, and user experience.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Coinlancer platform and find out what it offers to help you decide whether it’s worth supporting.

What Is Coinlancer?

Coinlancer is an innovative new decentralized job market that is built on top of the Ethereum network. Designed to empower both freelancers and clients from around the world, Coinlancer offers an alternative to traditional freelancing platforms that no longer deliver effective solutions.

The Coinlancer platform has a clear and simple mechanism that aims to optimize the freelancing process. Using the Coinlancer platform, both client and freelancer agree to terms. The client then deposits funds into escrow, which is held until the freelancer delivers the project. After the client has approved the project, the Coinlancer escrow service disburses the funds to the freelancer.

Coinlancer integrates Smart Contracts to facilitate this process, as well as digital signature technology and a flexible multi-channel API.

Coinlancer ICO & Roadmap

The Coinlancer platform operates on the Coinlancer Token Utility, or CL, which is tradable across crypto exchanges and can be used to pay for freelancing services. The CL token offers payment options across multiple different ecommerce platform and payment gateways.

The total supply of CL Tokens is limited to 300 million, with an exchange of 1 CL to $0.25 USD. 93% of CL Tokens will be distributed among users, with 5% reserved for the Coinlancer team and a further 2% for bounties. Like any reputable ICO, the Coinlancer platform provides a detailed white paper, comprehensive terms of token sale, and detailed terms and conditions on the platform website along with a complete team breakdown with social media references.

The Coinlancer ICO will launch on October 14th 2017, and conclude on November 15th 2017. Token distribution will occur on the 22nd of November 2017, one week after the launch of the Coinlancer platform.

CoinLancer Verdict

The Coinlancer platform appears to be the ideal solution to the issues that are currently troubling the online freelancing industry. The Coinlancer Pre-ICO is currently underway, and will end in roughly one week.

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