Coinliker, found online at, is a cryptocurrency market analysis tool. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Coinliker?

Coinliker is a cryptocurrency comparison website that features at-a-glance info on the latest information from cryptocurrency markets.

The website works similar to Coinmarketcap and other market comparison websites: you can get instant information about the price of a particular cryptocurrency, including that coin’s 24 hour price movements and its 7 day chart movement. You can also view the total supply of coins, the total trading volume, and other relevant information.

Coinliker also has categories like:

  • Ranked Coins
  • Mineable Coins
  • Random Coins
  • Biggest Gainers
  • Biggest Losers
  • Biggest Changes in 24 Hour Trading Volume
  • Popular Coins
  • Privacy-Focused Coins
  • All Coins

You can also use the website to search for a specific coin.

What makes Coinliker different from other coin market comparison websites? There are several unique features that differentiate it from other platforms. One unique feature is the ability to monitor the 1 hour price movement of any currency at a glance. Typically, other websites feature a 24h price movement chart and a 24h chart, but few have 1 hour price movement charts.

Another unique thing about Coinliker is the ability to add any coin to your own portfolio. You can press the “heart” button beside any coin to track it constantly over the platform, for example.

One final unique feature is that the website is minimalistic: it provides all information at-a-glance with minimal mess or additional unnecessary information. There are few ads on the website (just 1, at the time of writing).

CoinLiker Conclusion

Coinliker, found online at, is a cryptocurrency market comparison website. You can visit the website today to get at-a-glance information from across the crypto markets, including 1 hour and 24 hour price movements, 7 day price charts, and more. Coinliker also lets you add coins to your portfolio, view categories like mineable coins or privacy-focused coins, and more.

To learn more and check out Coinliker for yourself, visit online today at


  1. You’re right….Wondering why no one praising this all in one wonderful site service….
    Thanks a lot….was happy to find coinliker today


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