With the adrenaline rush, we are now experiencing on the blockchain; you may have got yourself into several ICOs and crypto token that you are not sure of how much you may have as your portfolio. It is common knowledge that it is a challenge to keep up with monitoring these altcoins and their performance. An excellent option would be to have a centralized platform from where you can manage your coins in one place. That calls for a crypto tracking software to keep you from struggling to monitor your portfolio. Here is a review of a leading performance tracker that can help you manage your cryptocurrency investments.

What Is CoinLoop?

CoinLoop is a portfolio management app that allows crypto enthusiasts to track the quantity, price and total value of their crypto investment, through giving detailed historical information for each digital currency listed. The platform will help users manage, invest and updates themselves on the latest regarding the world of cryptocurrency.

CoinLoop Cryptocurrency Performance & User News Charts Features

  • Wallet holdings- links to all your associated wallets through an integrated display portal
  • Watchlist- users, can mark cryptos or ICOs that they need to monitor for any changes within their portfolio
  • Coins List- this portal will allow the user to understand the currencies through a view of the ecosystem and how each coin is performing now or in the past.
  • News- it is essential to keep up with the latest information regarding the crypto markets and the news section is just for that purpose.
  • Charts- you can access performance charts and do your analysis on the platform without having to navigate off-site.
  • Gainers and Losers- can review the best and worst performing coin depending on whichever timeline you may like
  • Loop A.I signals- in here an Artificial Intelligence system calculates signals based on probability. The A.I bots are also set to monitor any exchange of data, price indicators and social listening.
  • Calendar- comprises of the different crypto events you should expect in the future.
  • Bitcoin futures- tracking the changing trends in futures for both

Benefits Of Using The Crypto Tracker

  • Simplicity regarding user interface
  • The news platform is highly informational on the latest crypto news
  • It is an entirely flexible tool
  • Let’s you to manually upload your trades
  • Can incorporate monitoring of bitcoin futures which is unique
  • Accommodates over 1,500 crypto coins for its users
  • A.I signals are significant in predicting market trades

The Future Of CoinLoop

Whereas CoinLoop is already ahead of its other competitors, the crypto tracker is on course to unleash even more features for its users in the future. The platform plans to take digital currency management to a whole new personalized level that will target relevant information on your portfolio and preferences. These additions will include-:

  • Premium A.I signals with technical analysis
  • Social monitoring and evaluation
  • Portfolio management tool with API

Why Is CoinLoop Different?

Whereas the market for crypto tracking applications is full of replicas, there are some that do set apart from the rest. In the case of CoinLoop, the use of A.I signals for the user is indeed a unique add-on to the platform. With this tool, users can accurately predict a trade move for the particular cryptocurrency. In short, the signals can potentially help you gain an advantage when it comes to making your trade move and ultimately profit.

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