CoinMarketCap Accepts KIND Tokens as Payments to Improve Advertising Strategy

CoinMarketCap, a crypto news reporting platform that is taking a new approach toward advertising. As most will concede, visiting news sites can be inconvenient at times due to the advertisements, especially when they are irrelevant.

Rather than make advertisements an unpleasant part of its readers’ experience, the platform is looking into Kind Ads and their native KIND tokens. The advertising agency’s goal is to create a more “kind” internet by ensuring that the advertisements visitors see are relevant and ones that they relate to.

In terms of those who implement the Kind Network, advertisers and publishers can connect using traditional and innovative advertisement formats. Essentially, it allows them to receive direct access to publishers’ inventories, which is beneficial to all parties involved. The model also may provide users with more control over data and interests.

In featuring KindAds, the platform will accept payments for the advertisements in BTC and ETH. Those who do not want to transact with these options need not do so – fiat and Kind Tokens are an option as well.

There have been recent news of people questioning the relevancy of CoinMarketCap's displayed ads. But most of this is based on basic re-marketing/re-targeting based on the individuals browser history and loaded cookie history.

This is the third big story involving CoinMarketCap this week, just this month they announced their professional API service as well as experiencing a major technical glitch that sent all crypto prices to the moon (artificially).

What do you guys think about CoinMarketCap's decision to improve their advertising strategy and model by adopting KIND Ads Token?

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