What Is Coinnec?

Coinnec platform is an innovation of Sebastian Bednarek and Lukasz Drozdz as his partner. The platform which is powered by coinnec tokens is a decentralized blockchain enabled system with the aim of giving its users a secure transaction system for various services. Just like any other Cryptocurrency platform, Coinnec aims at making its tokens available for use across board trading and availability on renowned exchange platforms.

Coinnec Useful Blockchain Business Platform Token Benefits

Secure Transactions

The platform offers a peer to peer network where users get to meet and transact. Once on board, you can search for the specific services you need then select from the best offers in the marketplace. During the negotiation period, coinnec keeps your details such as transaction history safe such that the other party cannot access until you finalize on the details. Once you agree, you pay a given percentage of the service fee upfront to ease the processing as well as build trust. You can only release the remaining amount once the service procedure verification is over.

Additionally, since the platform pledges on transparency, the details of the transaction are made public on the blockchain. The system is only allowed to release the funds to the receiver’s wallet (which are in the form of tokens), just after you confirm the transaction. However, the receiver will have to pay a small transaction fee, which cannot be compared with the complexity of centralized transactions.

No Middle-Persons

By eliminating the middle-person contact, the system looks forward to giving users the flexibility they need to close deals that perfectly suits their needs. Additionally, users get to save the funds they would have used as the service fee.

Better Rates

The coinnec platform is set to bring on board various service providers from across the globe. And because of this, there is stiff competition as providers seek to attract buyers with better offers. Buyers also fight to get the best deals from affordable providers. Through this, users get the best rates for services that could have been costly.

Should I Join Coinnec?

With many businesses embracing the use of web-based platforms for all their transactions, Coinnec is heading for a brighter future. The platform which has no central authority gives you access to funds and other services without paying much attention to your credit history or any other unnecessary requirements.

Additionally, the use of Ethereum keeps you safe from corrupt deals and information leakages most rampant in centralized systems. You also get to meet with like-minded individuals on the peer to peer forums, for objective discussions.

Should You Invest In Coinnec?

Since the Coinnec platform is not answerable to any central authority, the rules and regulations get set by the founders. So, all the transaction policies that apply to your local bank become irrelevant. Therefore, you have to trade carefully and perhaps take time to learn a few tricks before getting fully active, and this takes longer. Remember there are people in there who are more experienced than you.

Coinnec COI ICO Details

The COINNEC COI token is an ERC20 token used for transactions on the platform. The crowdsale is taking place now. The recommended wallets for the COI tokens are Parity, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Ethereum Wallet and any other wallets that allows adding custom ERC20 tokens.

Coinnec Conclusion

Just like any other Cryptocurrency platform, Coinnec aims at offering its users a secure and flexible platform for their online transactions. By using the platform, users stand to gain better offers from the competitive marketplace as well as socialize with like-minded individuals. If all the claims that go by it are valid, then this platform is something to look out for in the future.


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