With CryptoCurrencies slowly dominating the global economic scene, it comes as no surprise that the many individuals from countries all over the globe are now chasing digital means to invest their money in such avenues.

For example, the investment rate of digital assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin in countries like Korea, Australia, India has increased by more than 1000% in the past 4 months. However, there still exists an issue of finding local exchanges that allow for crypto trading in regional currencies in an easy and seamless manner.

About CoinNest

CoinNest is an online exchange that is designed particularly for the Korean crypto market (even though it can be used by anyone), so as to help promote the use of digital assets within the eastern economic engine.

Some of the key features of this platform that make it stand out include:

(i) Security:

All transactions, transfers, payments that are made through the use of this medium are secured through the use of a “2-factor authentication” mechanism. Through the use of such an encryption protocol, users can be use that their funds are absolutely safe.

(ii) Online Storage:

CoinNest allows users to store their funds online. Not only that, users also have the ability to make instant payouts through the use of their account at anytime, from anywhere on the planet.

(iii) Identity Verification:

In order to maximize security protocols, Coinnest asks for ID ‘s that are verifiable and have been issued by relevant regulatory authorities.

(iv) Fiat Currencies Accepted:

To make an investment, individuals can make use of currencies such as the United States Dollar.Not only that, people can also use credit cards, debit cards, gift cards or cash to make their purchase.

Other Aspects to Consider

(i) Advanced Features:

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that Coinnest has now integrated the GAS/KRW market into its platform. Not only that, CoinNest will also “begin distributing GAS to NEO holders weekly”. As a consequence of this, Coinnest will become only the third online exchange behind Binance and Kucoin to perform Gas Drops.

(ii) First of its Kind:

CoinNest is the first Korean exchange to list NEO, and is currently the only exchange in Korea trading both NEO and GAS.

(iii) Full Tabular Analysis Provided:

In order to help users make smart investment choices, a price trend analysis is provided on all of the major cryptocurrencies that are being circulated in the market these days. Coinnest provides users with information like 24H Trade Volume, Daily Fluctuations, 3 Day trends to help keep customers informed of all the latest happenings.

(iv) Mobile App:

To make trading easier, Coinnest also comes in the form of a smartphone app that allows us to make our investments on the go.

How Can I Sign Up For Coinnest?

To make use of this service, all users have to do is go to the official company website, and follow the given instructions. The entire registration process is quite straightforward, and can be completed within a matter of 4-8 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, to sign up, users need valid ID’s. For any queries regarding the platform, users can simply get in touch with the customer care, by either dropping in an email, or by calling them up on the provided phone number.

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BTC $164.95B $9,282.8125 1.03% $5.14B
ETH $28.63B $268.6876 -0.39% $1.85B
XRP $18.31B $0.4309 -0.99% $477.48M
LTC $8.43B $135.3787 -2.59% $982.9M
BCH $7.35B $412.0446 -1.78% $180.33M
EOS $6.25B $6.7951 -2.13% $621.28M
BNB $4.92B $34.8766 -1.38% $348.25M
BSV $3.99B $223.3262 -1.35% $111.14M
USDT $3.55B $1.0030 0.22% $4.55B
XLM $2.39B $0.1231 -2.39% $65.32M

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