Coinome is a well-known platform in India for crypto trading, and it hosts multiple exchanges on their database.

However, as of 7:00pm IST on May 31st, 2018, the platform offers Ethereum on their platform. The announcement was posted on the company’s Twitter profile.

Security and a rich-user experience are two issues that are essentially to the Coinome project, especially since it is available for trading and investments throughout each day, even after business hours. Without limitations, consumers have the option of trading when it suits them, regardless of holidays or other restrictions.

Much of these options come from the fact that Coinome was entirely developed by experts and enthusiasts in the crypto world, who prioritized the importance of secure financial transactions for the last 10 years.

Only two short days ago, Coinome was featured in crypto news for their new addition of Ripple to their platform, with a trading contest that is presently running from May 30th to June 6th, with prizes maxing out at Rs. 50,000 for the highest winner.

They also reconstructed some of their platform recently with the introduction of several features, like a favorites markets rate graph and dark/light mode.

Coinome features a blog on their website, along with the trading platform, which helps consumers to learn more about the crypto world and make the best investments for their goals. In a recent post titled “Chapter 14- Oscillators and Indicators — Bollinger Bands,” they explain this trading tool that helps consumers to examine volatility in the market.

The inventor, John Bollinger, believes that this technique should be used alongside other indicators, like MACD/RSI. Coinome also offers their own technical analysis for traders, since the Bollinger Bands are an integral part of the platform.

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