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Coinone Crypto Exchange in Korea Announces iOS Biometrics App

Coinone, a well-liked South Korean has announced the release of the iOS version of its exchange application. They have recently successfully rolled out of the mobile app’s Android version. This enables Coinone to provide a complete range of cryptocurrency services optimized for the majority of all smart devices.

The app combines security and convenience. It supports biometric account functions including Face ID and Touch ID, which greatly enhances the security. It also provides a secure and easy login environment by blocking the access of others through the principle of using 1 device-1 account.

Furthermore, the app includes the ‘One Talk’ feature, which provides information on account security, blockchains as well as real-time support. The app users can view optimized chart functions so traders can analyze historical data as well as current price information.

Coinone CEO, Chan Myung Hun, expressed his views on the release by commenting:

“Coinone Mobile App is focused on enhancing user convenience based on the stability of service. The launch of iOS version is an important point that evolves Coinone’s differentiated experience value. The iOS version includes all the know-how gained from launching the Android version, as well as the experience of running the exchange, and focused on improving security, user interface, and design.”



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