What Is CoinPayo?

CoinPayo is a new payment platform that seeks to become the PayPal or PayTM of the Singapore Market. The platform is a mobile-based wallet that will allow users to make payments or bookings through fiat and cryptocurrency.

The platform has a CoinPayo app that will allow users to send money, manage their finances, shop, book tickets using cryptocurrency. They can also scan the QR code and make payments. Users can make direct payments to CoinPayo’s partner vendors SingTel, Uber, and many more.

CoinPayo Singapore Crypto Payment Wallet Features

CoinPayo was created with aim of solving the problems that are preventing the adoption of cryptocurrency in day-to-day transactions such as unacceptability by vendors or merchants, instability of the prices, and numerous stages that are involved during conversion and transfers. CoinPayo will solve these challenges through the features it integrates. The features include:

Tie-Ups With Vendors And Merchants

The platform is establishing tie-ups with over 10000 merchants in order to provide them with an option for accepting payments through fiat or cryptocurrency via the CoinPayo wallet.

Real Time Conversion From Cryptocurrency To Fiat

Currently, people who want to pay through cryptocurrency have to undergo through three processes and under every process, they will have to bear a transaction cost. CoinPayo will simplify the payment process, as users will only undergo a single transaction and a single fee.

Artificial Intelligence System

Through the artificial intelligence system, users can be able to gain control over the price fluctuations of cryptocurrency and therefore attain price stability.

CoinPayo PAYO Token ICO Details

The platform is seeking funding for its project through its initial token sale. Investors can purchase the PAYO tokens during the token sale. The tokens are Ethereum-based with compliance to ERC 20 standard. The accepted means of payment for the tokens is ETH using ERC-20 based compatible wallets. Funds collected during the token sale will be used to accelerate the building of the platform and improve the CoinPayo wallet and the CoinPayo Intelligence system.

All transactions directly or indirectly on the platform will be carried out through the PAYO tokens which are controlled by a smart contract. The tokens are built on the self-appreciation mechanism that will allow all transactions to be carried out on the platform, which will in turn increase the value of the tokens in circulation.

CoinPayo Benefits


Token holders will be able to transact seamlessly, as they can use their tokens to make real time transactions using cryptocurrency with a single transaction and a single fee.

Cash Back

Users of the platform who use the tokens and the CoinPayo Wallet for transactions will receive 0.5% CoinPayo tokens. This will benefit the token holders, as the recurring distribution of the token will increase its value.

Master Node Payments

The platform will implement cryptocurrencies that operate master node systems within its wallet, which will generate returns for the platform and its users. The returns will be shared between the platform and the users in proportional percentage of the passive interests as payouts.


Through transactions using the token, users will get frequent discounts, promotions, and free airdrops.

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