Coinpeak Review: Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management App for iOS?

Coinpeak is an iOS application that provides users with all-in-one solution for all their cryptocurrency needsCoinpeak integrates the right tools to help users analyze the performance of their cryptocurrencies, manage their portfolio, track their balances, costs, transactions, and data from multiple exchange platforms and wallets regardless of whether the user prefers fiat or cryptocurrency.

Coinpeak also keeps track of any digital collectables such as CryptoKitties stored in a user’s linked Ethereum wallet addresses. It also stores the details of the collectables such as its prices, status, and collectables added on the watch list.

Additionally, Coinpeak provides users with the latest cryptocurrency news through newsfeed where users could read any cryptocurrency-related news from more than 20 different sources.

Features Of Coinpeak

Coinpeak has a range of features that make it a revolutionary application in the cryptocurrency world. The features include:

Automatic API And CSV Imports

The API and CSV imports enable users to quickly set up and effortlessly synchronize their balances and transactions from multiple exchanges and wallets.

Tracking System

There are two tracking modes: the balance-only, which is the advanced mode, and the All-transaction, which is a more advanced mode. Depending on the selected mode, the user can track their trade, costs, changes, transfers, realized and unrealized gains, current and historical gains, and many more.

Live Market Data

Coinpeak also has a complete live market data for all the active coins owned by a user. The data includes the prices, volume, market trends, performance, market cap, and complete historical data. Through this feature, the user could view the ticker prices and portfolio values based on the user’s choice of digital currency.

Base Currency Settings

Users could analyze the performance of their coins against any other fiat or cryptocurrency. Besides, the user could pick any combination of fiat and crypto, which will be the basis of their portfolio and market value across the application.

Advantages Of Coinpeak


Coinpeak prioritizes privacy of a user’s portfolio data, wallet addresses, and API keys by storing them locally and never transmitting them on their servers. The application further ensures the security of users’ portfolio by protecting it using passcodes, face ID, and touch ID (fingerprint).

Multiple Exchanges, Wallets, And Currencies

Coinpeak is compatible with multiple exchange platforms such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, HitBTC, Kraken, Gemini, and Poloniex. The wallets it supports include Exodus, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, and Jaxx while the cryptocurrencies supported are Dash, Ethereum, Lisk, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple.

User-Friendly Interface

The format and layout of Coinpeak is unique with chart and data that are easy to read and understand. Coinpeak also has a currency conversion tool where users can make cryptocurrencies conversions easily and understand them instantly.

Real Time Tracking System

Through the application, users can track currency trajectories and historical figures using real time statistics. Therefore, the user can carry out research using the app before they make any investment decisions.

Simplified Sryptocurrency Taxes

Coinpeak makes it easy for users to make cryptocurrency taxes, as they could export their Realized Gain Report and their transaction history into a single CSV for their tax preparation.

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