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Coinplace describes itself as the world’s first platform where anyone can invest in any cryptocurrency ICO using fiat money. Simply put, if you want to make a profit buying crypto assets with minimal hassle – and without using a third-party intermediary such as an agent, then Coinplace may be just what you are looking for.

The team behind COinplace is on a mission to revolutionize how individuals and businesses trade in, and use cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins and altcoins. It has a target to sell over 50 per cent of its cryptocurrency over the next five years and over 40 per cent of the p2p crypto assets trade market. It is constantly encouraging its users to use different proven innovative methods to get better pricing on crypto assets – whether buying or selling.

Why Coinplace?

Unlike most companies that have reached initial coin offering stage, Coinplace has a run-up MVP and uses a business model that guarantees a profit within the first year. With a promising market growth potential, its CPL tokens are set to accrue in value within no time. The company typically holds over 150 events in a year to inform and educate its fan base and potential investors.

Coinplace offers the user a range of benefits that are hard to overlook. For starters, the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the company’s platform easily and at no extra cost makes it an attractive marketplace for instant and long-term trading. Coinplace’s platform has proven to be more profitable for sellers to trade in altcoins compared to most exchanges on the internet.

Coinplace’s unified p2p platform supports over 100 different types of digital assets. This means that no matter which currency or digital asset you are interested in, you will find it on the platform and you can get to buy or sell at a good profit margin. It only takes about 5 minutes to buy any ICO using fiat money on the platform.

Everyone in the cryptocurrency business is constantly on the lookout for a better deal to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The tools that CoinPlace offers to miners, traders, and enthusiasts are useful, easy to use, and transparent. Since buying and selling is carried out without any extra charges, CoinPlace is poised to grow even more popular and its CPL tokens will appreciate in value exponentially.

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