What Is CoinPoker?

CoinPoker is an online poker room on the Ethereum blockchain with a native token, CHP(chips).

After a meteoric rise in popularity in the 00s, interest in online poker has cooled off in recent years. This can be attributed to varying degrees of regulatory measures, non-flexible payment providers and outright prohibition of poker in some jurisdictions.

Owing to a consequent reduction in player numbers, erstwhile popularity has gradually declined over the last decade. There have also been various incidents of poker room scandals, fraud and security inadequacies which have hurt the overall reputation of the game.

Using transparency offered by the blockchain and smart contracts, CoinPoker seeks to address the aforesaid problems that have plagued online poker in recent years. The CHP token(poker chips) can also be purchased by players from anywhere in the world, thereby bypassing regulatory restrictions. Decentralized processing of payments also lends to quick and easy withdrawals of winnings.

Conventional RNGs (Random Number Generator) are pseudorandom(PRNG). CoinPoker has developed a “compromised” blockchain RNG. This blockchain RNG has been engineered to use blockchain technology to improve randomness, but still relies on some traditional RNG techniques to maintain speed. As technology improves, it is likely that a full blockchain solution can be implemented to ensure complete randomness without compromising execution speed.

CoinPoker also has a fairplay security and fraud system to monitor user actions, identify and eliminate unethical/robot play on a per account basis. CoinPoker trial can be found here

CoinPoker Team

  • René Boutestijn – Chief Development Officer
  • Justas Kregždė – CTO & Smart Contract Developer
  • Michael Josem – Head of Security
  • Paulius Mikaliūnas – Product Manager

CoinPoker ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum(ERC20)
  • Pre-ICO – November 16, 2017
  • ICO – January to February
  • Hard Cap – 500,000,000
  • Price per token – 0.0002 ETH

CoinPoker Verdict

Online gaming at large is a highly lucrative marketspace. CoinPoker project has good potential if they are able to revive interest in online poker. Marketing and transparency are of the essence.


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