Coinpressions is a network marketing company that promises to help you get rich quick with bitcoin.

Find out how the company plans to do that today in our review.

What is Coinpressions?

Coinpressions is a multilevel marketing company found online at The company describes itself as “a revolution in residual income and advertising” and “a global advertising community where every active member earns.”

The company makes a big deal out of the fact that every member on the platform will earn a profit. They frequently mention the fact that every active member earns – guaranteed.

As of September 2017, the company has around 350 members. The network claims to have delivered about 75,000 ads, paying commissions of $2700 USD. However, the official launch date isn’t until September 25.

Ultimately, the main goal of Coinpressions is the similar of multilevel marketing companies: You generate  money by recruiting new people into the business. With Coinpressions, you get 10 levels of commissions. You pay a monthly fee of $30 per month, then convince other people to pay this monthly fee. You get a cut of each member’s monthly fee, while the remaining cut gets passed to the top of the pyramid.

How Does Coinpressions Work?

Coinpressions works like any ordinary pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing company. You pay a fee to join the company, then convince other people to join the company beneath you. Eventually, the company has recruited the maximum number of people, and the scheme collapses, which means everyone except the top levels of the pyramid will eventually lose their investment.

The only difference with Coinpressions is that the company has wrapped up its pyramid scheme in some type of advertising system. Your membership fee to the company is labeled as an “advertising credit” purchase.

You pay your membership fee each month, and you’ll receive a certain number of advertising credits. By default, you receive 20,000 advertising credits (10,000 text ad credits and 10,000 banner ad impressions) every month with your Coinpressions membership.

Your advertising credits can’t be spent anywhere outside the Coinpressions platform. You’re exclusively paying for advertisements on

Your membership fee is $29.95 each month.

Coinpressions Features and Benefits

Coinpressions advertises all of the following features and benefits:

A Break Even Pool (BEP): The Break Even Pool, or BEP, provides a monthly rebate to active community members (which is any community member with an active, current subscription). You receive that rebate until you’ve achieved at least $29.95 in monthly earnings, which is the breakeven point.

25%, 10 Level Matching Bonus: This feature promises to pay a 25% matching bonus on all matrix earnings of directly referred members. This allows to make money from below the 10th level of your 3×10 matrix.

3 x 10 Personally Forced Matrix: The Coinpressions compensation plan is designed to “help cover your monthly purchase as quickly as possible and reward you handsomely for building a team”, explains the official website. You earn $10 for each sale on the first level of your 3×10 matrix, then $1 for each sale on levels 2 through 10. You continue to make this money monthly because membership fees are due every month.

Who’s Behind Coinpressions?

Coinpressions claims that its management team has 50+ years of experience in the network marketing industry.

Unfortunately, the website features absolutely no information about the company’s founding team, its management team, or anything else you’d want to see before giving your money to a company. The corporation is registered as a Delaware corporation named Coinpressions, LLC – so we don’t even know where the company is based.

Ultimately, it’s a bad idea to send money to anyone online when they refuse to disclose their identity.


Ultimately, Coinpressions is a crypto MLM program that recently launched online. It’s not necessarily a scam: like most MLM programs, it can be a great moneymaking opportunity for those who get in early and have no moral issues with making money from gullible investors.

You can learn more about Coinpressions by visiting the company online today at The company is scheduled to launch on September 25.

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