Cryptocurrency is all about having freedom. Investors do not want to waste time on projects that do not let them get exactly what they want out of their contributions, and there are many opportunities on the market today. The key is to have balance, but most investors do not have the time to compile a list of the current values to try and make a good investment. CoinPulse aims to change that.

What Is CoinPulse?

CoinPulse describes itself as a “global digital currency trading platform.” Essentially, they aim to be a database that contains information about the CPEX, BTC, ETH, and USDT markets, providing important information about them on the main page. The data on their website shows the most receive price, along with the volume on that database.

How CoinPulse Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Works

Consumers can buy, sell, swap, and exchange on the website directly, which simplifies the entire process all together. There is no token for CoinPulse because it does not need one, considering the access that consumers have to all of the different information. When someone buys on the market, they can choose to limit, stop, or instantly submit the order, where they just have to fill in the type of currency they want to exchange it for. Everything is still maintained in the user’s separate wallet.

To perform the transactions, consumers must register on the website directly, which only needs some essential login details to enroll. Further profile details will be managed through the profile after login. Consumers can also view the announcements on a drop-down tab that brings them to the applicable page.

Contacting The Creators Of CoinPulse

For consumers that still want to learn more information about the way that the database works, they can reach out to the customer service team. There is no phone number, but consumers can send a message to the company via the fill-in form at

Consumers that need education about cryptocurrency and the different types of transactions can be referred to the FAQ page. This section of the website discusses depositing and withdrawing currency, and the different types of orders.

CoinPulse Conclusion

CoinPulse is meant for consumers that have a fairly good idea of how the system works with trading and does not need to add another platform to their tokens. While the information can be overwhelming to decipher for a newbie, an experienced user will be able to get everything they need from a single website.

Companies that want to participate on this platform will need to register on the website, which is available now. The exchange is meant to launch on July 1st, 2018.

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BTC $230.32B $12,951.9096 5.85% $22.41B
ETH $35.91B $336.6590 2.01% $6.78B
XRP $19.67B $0.4621 -2.93% $1.48B
BCH $8.57B $479.8600 -2.10% $1.02B
LTC $8.1B $129.7473 -4.63% $1.79B
EOS $6.17B $6.6992 -7.78% $2.06B
BNB $4.93B $34.9167 -4.39% $307.04M
BSV $3.91B $219.1883 -8.81% $360.61M
USDT $3.53B $0.9876 -0.90% $17.79B
ADA $2.51B $0.0968 -2.89% $251.25M

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