The world of cryptocurrency is abuzz with plenty of media focusing on the new disruptive markets within our midst. However, for the avid potential investor, the news might seem more like clutter, and it becomes a challenge to differentiate what is indeed happening in the crypto markets.

Still, collaborative efforts are working to eliminate this lack of authentic information in crypto investing or trading. Coin Pursuit is one such venture that prides of making it less frustrating for potential crypto investors. Here's how the crypto venture is pushing for a clear crypto investing manner without the typical notion of fake outsourced information.

What Is CoinPursuit?

Coin Pursuit prides itself on becoming the ultimate cryptocurrency guide for investors seeking to find the best information to help them invest in their cryptocurrency businesses or markets.

The crypto-related website comprises several tools that will assist investors to gauge or track their crypto investments through features such as digital wallets, digital currency accounts, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Overall, Coin Pursuit is a glossary of information uniquely related to cryptocurrency trading and trends.

SliceFeeds Useful Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing Guides

The heart of Coin Pursuit is information, and the platform provides an interactive social component known as SliceFeed to help crypto investors, enthusiasts, miners and other interested parties to interact and build relationship among other like-minded individuals within the industry.

The platform will provide a member-based content contribution service that users can seek relevant information on their crypto-related materials. Under the site, there is also the following:

Network Rankings

SliceFeeds features a series of tables that indicate on the cryptocurrency types, exchanges, and wallets in real time. The tables rank the categories for the members to choose according to their preferences. User rankings are also present with the overall activity making a significant factor in earning higher profile visibility.

Profile Creator

The signup option for SliceFeeds is free, and users get to adjust several settings to create a user profile for their network. From the profile page, you can create and watch slices of the community members' content contribution.


SliceFeeds requires members to sign up using a username and valid email address. Although there is no requirement for personal information, Coin Pursuit ensures the servers conduct transactions only between legit members. There is also the use of public keys for interested parties.


The SlideFeeds network offers a unique opportunity for users to monetize their goods, information, and services. Merchants get to advertise their companies while customers get access to subscriptions and exclusive content or products.

CoinPursuit Benefits

Unbiased Source

While there is a lot of pump and dump ventures, Coin Pursuit help separate the real from the unscrupulous news.

Research Options

Crypto information is critical, and with Coin Pursuit there is the option of researching the most popular companies and entities within the crypto industry.

Educative And Resourceful

Coin Pursuit allows one to follow recent crypto trends and news, with the additional option of social interactions.

CoinPursuit Conclusion

Crypto investing requires plenty of information, and it is always necessary to get your hands on the latest news and upcoming trends to stay ahead of the game. In the case of Coin Pursuits, it remains a good recommendation since their informational perspective is somewhat progressive yet straightforward.

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