Trivia games are among the most famous past time activities among a lot of people. Getting actually to test your knowledge through a few quizzes or puzzles started long before even the arrival of the internet, through television, radios, and books. And with the rise of the internet, trivia games shifted online to gain even a more worldwide reach.

While there exist some websites that make the trivia games online, very few would let you earn just from testing your IQ. Luckily, the world of blockchain tokenization is now making it possible for users to play different quizzes, answer questions or solve puzzles and get paid for participating in them. Today's focus will be on an upcoming blockchain venture with a whole new concept for the world of trivia gaming.

About Coinquiztador

Coinquiztador is a blockchain trivia-based game that will have players answer questions from a chosen category and earn actual money based on how well they have responded to the questions. While the gaming questions constitute the typical games, Coinquiztador stands out by allowing winnings conversation into earnings. Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology assures of the reliability of the trivia system. The platform will further allow for a multi-player level, where you get to compete against other players online and once you defeat them, you earn real coins.

The Features And How It Works

Coinquiztador structure consists of only two parts

  1. Special algorithm- the blockchain-based algorithm randomly selects the questions for the player to ensure a fair outcome. The system works to ensure no player receives a query, twice.
  2. Categories- to test their IQ, users get to choose from a range of types with over 10 000 unique questions with their respective answers. The items and types undergo independent verification from an expert in the field.

On the basics of operation, the trivia games only work through the Coinquiztador token (CQR). The digital currency facilitates all bets made on the platform.

Users will only have to pick a category they are conversant with and choose a playroom. Once accepted, the next step is to select a contender. Fortunately, the CQR token allows for one-on-one matches with real players ranging from 2 to 5. After the room is full, the game can start with players open to betting on the questions using CQR tokens

Is Coinquiztador Of Any Interest?

While the whole project is relatively new, there is an interesting factor that could interest you in the game. Much of this is due to the underlying potential benefits that Coinquiztador can offer to the user. Here's an overview of the exciting reasons to play the trivia game

  • Get to socialize with fellow players in an entertaining sort of way.
  • It helps to challenge your mind and mental growth
  • Trivia games are known as excellent stress relievers, and so is Coinquiztador
  • Earn real-time money in the form of CQR tokens, just from winning the quizzes

Coinquiztador Conclusion

There is no denying that Coinquiztador is offering a unique possibility of earning from your skills and knowledge. Rather than take a gamble on the luck-based casino and betting houses, Coinquiztador is an excellent option to bet on yourself. And the best feeling is having the satisfaction of earning from your intelligence and against competing players from all over the world.

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