Coinreum is a bitcoin investment scam that promises to pay you “3.8% daily without working.” Find out how this pyramid scheme works today in our review.

What Is Coinreum?

Coinreum, found online at, claims to be a cryptocurrency trading company. That company will pay you 3.8% daily for no reason: all you need to do is give the company your money, and they’ll magically provide an ROI of several thousand percent per year.

Just like with other bitcoin investment scams, Coinreum doesn’t require you to have any skills or experience. They don’t need you to take on any risk, or do any hard work. They’ll just pay you a bunch of money for no reason whatsoever: that’s how nice they are.

How Does Coinreum Work?

Coinreum has three different plans available. You choose how much money you want to make, then pick the plan that works for you:

Daily Plan: 3.20% returns per day, 50 day period, 160% total return

Weekly Plan: 25% returns per week, 10 week period, 250% total return

Monthly Plan: 115% returns per month, 3 month period, 345% total return

As with other bitcoin investment scams, Coinreum provides no evidence of these high interest rate plans, nor do we have any evidence that the company has ever paid money to anyone. For all we can tell, the company’s income comes exclusively from memberships. They take your money, disappear, and you never get any type of return on your investment – certainly not several hundred percent.

Coinreum Affiliate Commission

Coinreum has a multilevel marketing / pyramid scheme commission structure. You get paid for every person you refer to the platform. You get 15% commissions on the first level, 5% on the second level, 3% on the third level, 1% on the fourth level, and 1% on the fifth level.

The remaining money from each new member’s commission fee gets funneled to the top of the pyramid.

Who’s Behind Coinreum?

Coinreum, like most bitcoin investment scams, refuses to tell us any information about itself or who runs the company. Coinreum just describes itself as “the fastest growing cryptocurrency trading company” and claims to be “an investment company managed by professionals crypto currency traders [sic].”

In terms of contact information, Coinreum only provides us with a single email address at [email protected] There is no other way to get in touch with the company.

The domain was registered to an anonymous individual on August 5, 2017.

Typically, when a company asks for money but refuses to disclose any information about itself, that means you’re being scammed.

Conclusion: Is Coinreum a Scam?

Coinreum is such an obvious scam that we’re almost embarrassed. Most bitcoin scams at least try to pretend they engage in investment activities, or have some type of mining operation. Coinreum makes no such claims, and the company is just fueled by new memberships. The company demands that you pay them only in bitcoin, but refuses to disclose any information about their location or their management team.

For all of these reasons, you should absolutely avoid Coinreum. It’s yet another bitcoin investment scam.

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  1. I dont know why you claim they dont pay, there is plenty of videos of people withdrawing on youtube. They at least show numbers from a “trade bot data log” and that makes it more believable. Currently it’s paying, so I risked a few dollars and maybe you should too?

    • well now they have stopped…no payouts since a week. no replies to any mails,
      mails bounce back, but the site continues to run and accumulate funds !!

  2. you guys keep doing this and making every one of us believe you are helping us fight against scam without doing the wisest thing “take risk and invest first”. invest even if $5, you will a better review than this trash.
    skye fox, please dont hesitate to give us your feed once you make your withdrawal….


  3. I have ask for withdrawal it has been more than 48 hours but nothing
    I have withdrawn more than invested but like all hyip this one has come to an end


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