CoinShares Group is known for its bitcoin and crypto investment funds. Find out everything you need to know about CoinShares today in our review.

What is CoinShares?

CoinShares Group is the company that launched the first bitcoin and Ether exchange traded notes. The company recently launched two new crypto investment funds.

In October 2017, CoinShares launched the first Ether tracking exchange traded products on Nasdaq Stockholm. They also previously launched the first bitcoin exchange traded notes and the world’s first regulated bitcoin strategy, called GABI.

The two new investment funds include the CoinShares “Active” Fund, a multi-coin, alpha-generating, actively managed fund, along with CoinShares “Large Cap” Fund, a passive, large-cap, basket fund.

In a press release announcing the news, the company called the new funds “a natural evolution of market approaches based on the current trajectory of the crypto-asset economy.”

Overall, CoinShares claims to offer “the most diverse portfolio of crypto investment vehicles.”

CoinShares Investment Products

Overall, CoinShares offers two managed funds, including CoinShares Fund 1 (the first ICO fund denominated in ETH) and GABI (their bitcoin strategy fund). The funds are catered to investors who prefer a seasoned team actively supervising their crypto investment strategy

CoinShares also offers four exchange traded products. These products offer smart, secure exposure to bitcoin and Ether via a familiar route. COINXBT and COINETH are the first publicly traded bitcoin and Ether exchange traded notes (ETNs) in the world. They’re traded on NASDAQ. The four funds include Bitcoin Tracker One, Bitcoin Tracker Euro, Ether Tracker One, and Ether Tracker Euro. The “Bitcoin Tracker One” and “Ether Tracker One” funds both track the price of their respective cryptocurrencies in Swedish Krona (SEK).

On January 23, CoinShares launched two new funds, including the CoinShares Active Fund and the CoinShares Large Cap Fund. Since launching its new funds on January 23, CoinShares now offers all of the following investment products:

Bitcoin Tracker One

  • Exchange traded note (ETN)
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX
  • Tracks bitcoin price in SEK

Bitcoin Tracker Euro

  • Exchange traded note (ETN)
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX
  • Tracks bitcoin price in EUR

Ether Tracker One

  • Exchange traded note (ETN)
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX
  • Tracks Ether price in SEK

Ether Tracker Euro

  • Exchange traded note (ETN)
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX
  • Tracks Ether price in EUR

CoinShares Fund 1

  • Private, closed-end fund
  • Invests in ERC20 tokens
  • Denominated in ETH

GABI – Bitcoin Strategy Fund

  • Open-end expert fund
  • Managed bitcoin exposure
  • Denominated in GBP

CoinShares Active Fund

  • Multi-coin, alpha-generating
  • Active strategy fund

CoinShares Large Cap Fund

  • Large-cap basket fund
  • Passive strategy fund

Who’s Behind CoinShares?

The CoinShares team includes a group with deep experience in exchange traded products, hedge funds, commodities, forex, market making, and both passive and active investments in frontier markets. The team consists of alumni from JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and State Street.

A company called Global Advisors launched GABI in September 2014. A separate company called XBT Provider launched Bitcoin Tracker One as an ETN on NASDAQ OMX in May 2015. In June 2016, Global Advisors acquired XBT Provider. In June 2017, the company launched CoinShares Fund 1, and in September, they launched the CoinShares platform, bringing a global portfolio of crypto products under a single brand.

CoinShares Conclusion

CoinShares aims to help investors access the crypto industry through familiar investment products. The company offers four funds that track the market price of bitcoin and Ether in SEK and EUR. They also offer two professionally managed funds that provide managed exposure to the cryptocurrency industry.

On January 23, CoinShares launched two new crypto investment funds, including its CoinShares Active Fund and its CoinShares Large Cap Fund. To learn more about the company’s investment products, visit online today at

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