Coins N Dollars

CoinsNDollars is an investment promgram that promises to “pay you forever” using a glitch in “the math code”. Find out if this is a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity today in our review.

What Is Coins N Dollars?

CoinsNDollars, found online at, claims to be an investment scheme that “never stops paying you.” The website makes numerous mentions about how it will pay investors “forever” by taking advantage of a crack in “the math code.” The company claims that their guru “cracked the math code” and will use that glitch to give free money to people around the world.

Obviously, when somebody on the internet promises to give you money with no work, risk, or skill required, you can be 100% sure that you’re being scammed. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how CoinsNDollars works.

How Does Coins N Dollars Work?

CoinsNDollars appears to be a straightforward pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing scam. You pay a fee to join the company, then make money by referring other people to the platform.

There doesn’t appear to be any product or service available through the company. The company exclusively revolves around memberships.

You can purchase advertising credits through the company. However, those advertising credits are just used to promote membership in the company.

In any case, CoinsNDollars promises to allow customers to withdraw their money in seconds and get paid immediately forever. CoinsNDollars promises to pay you $100, $500, and $1,000 “over and over all year” and claims it will “keep paying we are not like other programs! [sic]”.

Other advertised features of the plan include matching bonuses 5 levels deep.

Coins N Dollars Pricing

Like most pyramid schemes, you’ll need to pay a fee to join CoinsNDollars. Your fee gets passed to the top level of the pyramid, with each level of the pyramid taking a cut along the way.

The joining fee is priced at $29 to $5,000 USD.

The more you pay, the more money the pyramid scheme promises to pay you. The creators of CoinsNDollars claim they created this fee after they found $5 and $10 programs quickly collapsed because “there is not enough cash after fees.” Pyramid schemes that charge $29 to $5,000 to join will also eventually collapse – although they’ll just take longer to collapse than other programs (at least, according to the creators of CoinsNDollars).

In any case, CoinsNDollars promises that a $29 investment will “make you over $1350”. There’s no hard work, no recruitment, and no risk required. The company claims to magically turn $29 into $1350 for no reason whatsoever. They’ll keep paying you over and over again for no work and for no reason.

How Does Coins N Dollars Make Money?

CoinsNDollars appears to be a straight-up membership based pyramid scheme. The company has no investments, no business plan, and no products or services. They make money exclusively through selling memberships. You’re literally buying into nothing.

However, CoinsNDollars does claim to make money through a math glitch created by their “math guru”. That glitch is so important that it’s “patented” (although if you dig a little deeper on the website, the company reveals that it’s “patent pending”, which doesn’t mean anything).

In any case, we can find no evidence that CoinsNDollars has a real math glitch. Even if they did have a real match glitch, it’s unclear how that glitch would lead to more money. When the company tries to clarify their moneymaking strategy further, they use vague sentences like this:

“Our Math method of payouts is how we stay open so long. Most programs fail from lack of new funds we space ours out with math over days.”

Ultimately, the CoinsNDollars match glitch seems to involve spreading its recruitment fees out over a certain period of time instead of overwhelming the company with massive recruitment immediately.

Who’s Behind Coins N Dollars?

One of the easiest ways to spot a scam is when a company asks for money online while refusing to disclose their real identity or location.

As you might expect, CoinsNDollars refuses to tell us anything about who’s running the company, what their background is, or why they’re qualified to manage your investment.

WHOIS data tells us that the company was registered in July 2017. The company claims to be based in London and Hong Kong, and that they only give contact information to “active members”. The only contact information we could uncover was one email address: [email protected]

Coins N Dollars Conclusion

CoinsNDollars is a pyramid scheme that claims to be paying out – although we can’t find much evidence that it’s a legitimate investment scheme that’s legitimately paying its members. Even if CoinsNDollars is currently paying its members, it will eventually suffer the fate of all pyramid schemes. Eventually, the pyramid scheme reaches a point where no more members are recruited. At this point, the scheme collapses, leaving everyone but the creator of the scheme and a few high-level members at a loss.

To learn more about CoinsNDollars, visit the platform online today at

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