The cryptocurrency market is the most rapid growing sector in the world's economy, with a total market cap of $80 trillion as at December 2017 and predictions of further rocketing to $100 trillion. In view of this rapid growth, Coinspark, a digital asset trading exchange which allows for customers to buy, sell, and trade digital assets such as bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, has come up with an agenda in which all spark holders gain tremendously.

Coinspark offers a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in which 25% of the exchange's generated profit will be shared equally among all spark coin holders every quarter. This implies that for every spark coin holder, the more spark coin held, the larger the share of profits. These profits are distributed in form of Ethereum.

With Coinspark there are two ways through which every spark holder can profit; through the quarterly dividends, especially since the increase of the company's profit is directly proportional to the increase of dividends received by the coin holders and also through Coinspark's increased coin value which is inevitable.

The specific goals of Coinspark can be summed up in two sentences:

  • The first goal is to develop a world class digital asset (cryptocurrencies) trading exchange.
  • The second goal is to develop a digital asset exchange in which 25% of it is owned by its investors or customers.

Coinspark Initial Coin Offering

Coinspark's ICO began on the fourteen of February 2018 at 8:00 AM GMT and will end on March 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM GMT. A total of twenty five million tokens are made available for purchase. These spark coins are valued at 0.0025 ETH. Spark coins would be distributed on the fourteenth of April 2018, and on the first of June 2018, spark coin will begin trading on the Coinspark exchange. Ten initial cryptocurrencies would be available at the beginning of Coinspark exchange and they include;

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin cash
  3. Ethereum
  4. Bitcoin Gold
  5. Litecoin
  6. Ripple
  7. Dash
  8. IOTA
  9. Neo
  10. Spark

Coinspark will not have a pre-sale and through this ICO, they are making available for sale 25% of the exchange to the public.

Supported Coins

Coinspark can support either public or private blockchains such as bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and ripple. It also supports loyalty points and other customised digital assets.

Coinspark Features

  • Supports up to one million transactions per second
  • 20+ advanced other types
  • Vetted by independent third party security audits
  • Advanced order routing

With the digital asset market growing at a very fast pace, investing in Coinspark gives you an edge, with two ways in which spark coin holders get to profit greatly, the Coinspark ICO is the perfect opportunity to boost your digital asset investments.

Coinspark is a fast developing new cryptocurrency exchange and is located in the Cayman Islands. It is proven to be built by seasoned traders. With Coinspark scheduled to launch in April, you can own a piece of the company's exchange profiting yourself enormously.


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