CoinSpectator is a cryptocurrency news aggregator dedicating to monitoring the industry using thousands of news sources. Find out more today in our review.

What is Coin Spectator?

CoinSpectator, found online at, is a real-time cryptocurrency news tool. You visit the website, then receive at-a-glance information about various events taking place across the bitcoin industry.

The left side of the website features a selection of cryptocurrencies and their daily performance. The top 15 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap are listed here by default.

Meanwhile, the center of the website features a scrolling list of news articles from across the cryptocurrency industry. The website features sources ranging from to industry analysts on Twitter.

The overall goal is to make it easier for anyone to track the industry:

“Quickly and effortlessly monitor hundreds of news sources in real-time to act on trends, project volatility, investment tips, ICO launches, projects milestones and even market indicators,” explains the official website.

There’s also a list of ICOs underway or upcoming. On the right-hand side, you can sort through ICOs by their date of launch, their date of expiry, and more.

Coin Spectator also lets you sign up for an email newsletter to receive frequent updates about the industry.

Coin Spectator doesn’t just aggregate news stories from other sources: they also maintain their own active blog, which you can view here: That blog features regular updates from the CS team, including major news stories from across the industry. While the front page of the website is updated constantly, the blog receives about one update per week.

Who’s Behind CoinSpectator?

CoinSpectator’s team consists of a group of independent writers. The platform is self-funded, and CoinSpectator has not partnered with any advertising network.

The website’s “Team” page currently lists four writers involved with the project, including:

  • Justyna Patrycja – Managing Editor
  • Jefferson May – Senior Reporter
  • Irvine Dane – Reporter
  • Simon Penfield – Sub Editor

You can contact the team by email at [email protected]

The company’s Twitter page lists its location as in the UK. That Twitter page, by the way, is also a great source of information from across the cryptocurrency industry. It posts all of the information that appears on Coin Spectator’s main news aggregator, including minute-by-minute updates from across the world of crypto.

CoinSpectator Conclusion

Coin Spectator is an independent blog dedicated to aggregating news from across the world of cryptocurrencies. The blog features a scrolling feed of the latest news stories from across the industry, as well as a selection of ICOs currently taking place. You can also get at-a-glance information about crypto price movements.

You can learn more about Coin Spectator by visiting the platform online today at


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