Coinsquare Launches IPO To Compete With Coinbase Exchange On TSE

Are you looking for the right platform to make investments that will really get you a good return on investment? If you want the best results, you simply have to use the best tools available to you.

Because of this, you have to be certain that you are well prepared to make big investments. If you are in Canada, you could use a platform called Coinsquare, so we are going to review it for you today.

What is Coinsquare?

Coinsquare is a Canadian cryptocurrency investment platform. You can use it to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The platform offers a secure environment for safe transactions that you can make using fiat money or cryptocurrency.

The platform was created to be used in desktop computers, tablets and smartphones so their users can access it and trade anytime they want. A simple interface and features that can be used in all the apps are positive points that the company wants to use to attract users.

Coinsquare also boasts about the security of using their site. In more than 3 years, they claim to never have lost a single client’s cent due to problems in the transactions. All the data is encrypted and secured by the latest technology.

Founded and operated in Canada, all the assets of the company are in the country, so that makes it a perfect platform for people that live in Canada and want a safe way to invest.

How Does Coinsquare Work?

The company works in a very simple way: you register with your information and then you will be able to exchange cryptocurrency using the site. The trading process is generally quick and safe, two important points for the company, that is primarily worried about their customers being 100% protected against scams or any malfunction of the system.

Coinsquare trades the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and also trades gold and silver, something that is very uncommon in a platform like this one.

The platform has a customizable user interface to help their users be more comfortable when trading and viewing financial data, charts and graphs to help them visualize the changes in the market.

How to Invest Using the Coinsquare?

Before investing using this company, you have to register in the platform. The registration process is very easy. You only have to use a valid email and some basic data about yourself.

Since Coinsquare is very worried about security, the platform does take more information about the user than other platforms. You will have to scan some documents before you use this company.

The next step is very simple. You can use your cryptocurrency wallet to transformer cryptocurrency to the company and then you will be able to trade using the money you have.

There’s a customer support, so if you have any doubt, you can always call the company to clear it up before you invest.

The Coinsquare Verdict

Should you use Coinsquare? If you are based in Canada, it seems like a good choice. Investors for other countries have better alternatives, but Canadians can definitely enjoy a good service using this platform.

Is Coinsquare for you? That is something that only you can really answer, but you have to consider that Coinsquare seems like a very safe platform, something most investing platforms do not offer you all the time. Because of this, it might be a good idea to use it if you are Canadian.

This company offers an interesting range of services, so you should consider using it. It might not offer something that no other company offers, but it does offer a good package of services.

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  1. Coinsquare lost my Bitcoin. I literally copy and pasted my coinsquare wallet into the blockchain and can see that the transaction has been verified, but my account does not register any amount. I am going on 3 weeks without an answer to my support ticket!

  2. Beware of Coinsqaure it looks good it’s easy to get money on but ounce your money is on the site they have you!! it takes forever if you want to transfer Alt coins out of your square coin wallets. and if you do transfer money out they hold like 40% of it. it took me 10 min to send my litecoin from coinbase to squarecoin. I then wanted to tranfer my litecoin from square coin to guadriga and it’s bin more then 12 hours and not a bit of my litecoin has transferred.and don’t bother trading because when you buy a coin at a certain price. then when you get a quote to sell that coin, they do not give you the current market value of the coin. they will sell it back to you a 5-10 % bellow market value.

  3. Wow, buyer beware, this company is really taking Canadians for a ride, here is a real world example of how they treat their clients (like piggy banks)
    I buy BTC from multiple platforms, I do this to see where my best value is and who is the best value.
    Coinsquare spreads are absolutely horrible and totally fictitiously inflated up for them to profit huge off of unsuspecting newbs.

    here is an example.

    Market rate was at $9870.
    I go on to buy btc from 2 platforms.
    coinsquare was trying to charge me $11,135.61
    meanwhile, I was buying on another platform for $9879 at the exact same time.
    In other words they were literally trying to pocket $1256 from one single transaction by falsely inflating the spread by astronomical proportions.
    I was actually on the other platform watching the buys and sells, and their prices were not even on the board……they were totally lying about the rates, over inflating HUGE.
    When I email them, they sent me back an absolutely ludicrous excuse.

    Here is their response:

    Hi Jason,

    for quick trade to be instant, it purchases coins at the lowest possible amount. If your desired amount is too large for 1 sell order, it will go down the list and continue until it is filled.

    Of course as you would like to buy at the lowest price point, others want to sell at the highest. So if 1 matching order does not fulfill your needs, than it will go down the order book and match orders until filled. While it is going down the list, the price goes up based on available orders.

    Coinsquare, this is 100% unacceptable and I will do everything in my power to uncover what you are doing and shine a light on your extremely shady pricing practices and blatant gouging. surely you are governed by rules, and I’m 100% positive you are not working within those rules.


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