Cointed is a company that offers a wide range of cryptocurrency services, including a network of ATMs and a cryptocurrency exchange. Find out how the platform works today in our review.

What Is Cointed?

Cointed, found online at, aims to build a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world.

The team claims to have already developed a wide range of blockchain-based products and services. They have a successful business model and are already profitable.

Those products and services include cryptocurrency trading on the Cointed crypto exchange, multi-cryptocurrency ATMs (they’re the biggest crypto ATM provider in Europe), payment solutions, and green mining (at multiple farms throughout Europe).

Cointed is also in the final stages of acquiring a banking license. The company was originally built in Kufstein, Austria, but is now registered officially in Hong Kong.

Cointed Products And Services

Founded in 2014, Cointed claims to be one of the largest crypto service providers in Europe. The company also has multiple products and services across the industry, including all of the following:

Crypto Exchange: Cointed provides cryptocurrency trading on the Cointed cryptocurrency exchange.

ATM Network: Cointed has multiple cryptocurrency ATMs across Europe (they claim to be Europe’s largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs). They have a total of 70 ATMs in 4 countries, with new locations added to the network “every week”. the ATMs are compact, one-way ATMs that allow customers to purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies in exchange for cash. Cointed also plans to add NFC support for digital payments at all machines. In the future, Cointed wants to expand ATMs across Europe while also reaching into Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Japan, among other markets.

PoS Systems and Merchant Gateways: Payment solutions are available for integration into online shops and existing point of sale (PoS) systems

Green Mining: Green mining at multiple mining farms throughout Europe, including farms powered by hydroelectric and wind power. The mining farms are located in Austria and Sweden. They have plans to install 100,000 additional GPUs before the end of the year.

In the future, Cointed plans to add financial services to its selection of products and services. The company claims to be in the final stages of acquiring a banking license. Once they have that license, they’ll offer the Cointed Crypto Debit Card, which will be available for use anywhere Visa is accepted. Users will be able to store currencies on their wallet, including fiat currencies (USD/CHF/GBP/EUR) and major cryptocurrencies (BTC/BCH/ETH/ZEC/DASH/LTC), and others.

They also aim to develop iOS and Android apps for their cryptocurrency exchange, making it easy for traders to participate in the market on-the-go.

Interestingly, Cointed also has an affiliate system. If you sign up for that affiliate system, and refer people to the platform, you can refer affiliate partners and receive 20% of all fees their recruited customers pay.

The Cointed Token Sale

The Cointed token pre-ICO is scheduled for October 20 to November 19, with an ICO scheduled for November 20 to February 28.

A total supply of up to 650 million CTDs will be available during the token sale. No further tokens will be generated.

Cointed will use its raised funds to expand internationally. They aim to expand their team around the world, form partnerships, and build their network internationally – including installing crypto ATMs worldwide.

The ICO is open to anyone except residents of Hong Kong, China, and the United States.

The CTD token can be used to access products and services across the Cointed platform. You can spend it at merchants who accept CTD tokens as payments, for example.

The Cointed whitepaper reveals a range of additional benefits for CTD token holders. Some of the listed benefits include 15% discounts on ATMs, 5% lower hosting fees for mining, free debit cards, lower exchange fees, and a 10% discount on all products and merchandise in the Cointed online store.

Who’s Behind Cointed?

Cointed was founded in 2014. Today, it’s one of Europe’s market leaders in the crypto industry. They claim to have more than 100 million EUR in annual revenue.

Key members of the team include Daniil Orlov (CEO), Charli Aho (CTO), Aches Wong (Co-Founder and General Manager), and Ng Huei Chien (Co-Founder and Regional Manager). The company is headquartered in Hong Kong under the name Cointed Ltd.

The company launched its first ATM in 2014. In 2015, Cointed GmbH launched an online trading platform headquartered in Austria. They implemented green mining in Austria in 2016. By the end of 2017, the company is aiming to launch 200+ ATMs worldwide.

Cointed Conclusion

Cointed is a diverse crypto services company that offers ATMs, merchant payment gateways, a crypto exchange, and other services. Over the coming months, the company seeks to provide a debit card while expanding its network of ATMs worldwide. To help accomplish those goals, the Austria and Hong Kong-based company has scheduled an ICO for October and November. You can learn more about Cointed online today at


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  1. Unfortunately, looks like (Cointed GmbH) is a scam exchange. On 14th and 15th October 2017 I placed 2 direct-buy orders for X12 coin and payed by SEPA bank transfer in EUR. On 16th and 18th October I received invoices from Cointed GmbH confirming the receipt of my EUR payments and payment of X12 coins to my wallet. But by now I didn’t receive any of the two X12 payments that Cointed GmbH was supposed to send me. My wallet IS fully synchronised but balance is still zero (I checked both with CLI and GUI wallets). I even launched mining for my wallet in CLI – mining wouldn’t start unless CLI is synchronised with the blockchain. I sent printscreens of my synchronised wallet with 0 balance to Cointed GmbH ([email protected]) and asked them to send me transaction keys (Invoices contain only transaction IDs but no keys) in order to check transaction status, but the didn’t do that. Thus, it looks like they simply didn’t perform these transactions and just stolen my money. Stay away from this company! I will continue informing people about this fraud unless you guys (Cointed GmbH) will transfer me my coins which I bought from you.

    • Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with cointed but long term customer

      @Alex: I had the same problem as described, but it does not seem to be Cointed’s fault. A simple trick did it for me:
      Go to “Settings->Show seed and keys” in your wallet app, copy you Wallet Mnemonic seed
      the click “Close Wallet”.
      Now restore your wallet “from keys or Mnemonic seed” and enter the copy of your seed.
      You now have a fresh wallet, but with the same seed. “Show status Block” should show something like 24380


      • Thanks.
        My update regarding the previous post: finally the problem appeared to be caused by blockchain bug but not the’s fault. It appeared, that X12 coin sometimes makes synchronisation of the wallet incorrectly (the software shows that it’s fully synchronised but in fact it isn’t), so I had to delete the walled file and create it again from the seed and synchronize again. Though, themselves didn’t manage to find out the reason, and they replied with a delay of a few days to my support tickets.


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