Cointelegraph, one of the most known cryptocurrency news sites on the website, has decided to place commercial ads in Times Square, one of the most important intersections, tourist destination and centre in Manhattan.

The ad shows different terms that are usually used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Among them we find ‘nocoiner,’ ‘to the moon,’ ‘hodl’ and more.

All of them have been shown to more than 330,000 people daily and with their respective explanation. For example:

  • nocoiner: someone who has not bitcoin
  • to the moon: the thrill you feel when bitcoin’s price skyrockets
  • hodl: holding not selling your bitcoin
  • whale: someone with a crazy amount of bitcoin
  • FUDmeister: someone who spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt about crypto
  • mining: data-crunching computation that generates new bitcoins

This is a great opportunity to show bitcoin and virtual currencies to an important number of individuals. A place that is so touristic and full of people will have a deep impact in the community.

There were other crypto campaigns very similar to this one in other places, but this may be one of the most important ever recorded. The next step may be a Super Bowl millionaire ad.

Vitalik Buterin Dislikes #NoCoiner Ads, Calls it Insulting

What do you guys think? Awareness or advertising gone wrong?

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